Wikimedia CH/Wikimania

This page will serve as a coordination platform to align Wikimedia CH's activities for Wikimania 2024 in Katowice. The Wikimania 2024 will take place on 7–10 August 2024. The motto of this year's event is "Collaboration of the Open".

The conference language is English. Every applicant should be able to communicate in this language. Therefore, this page is not translated.



This year we offer scholarships for volunteers for this event. We hope to sponsor 6 people living in Switzerland and one person living in a country where there is no organisation that could sponsor them. To fulfil the requirements for funding, the conditions specified on the Wikimania project page in the section: Who can apply? must be met.



Worth knowing


Funding from Wikimedia CH includes all travel and accommodation costs as well as the conference fee. A formalised request (see below) must be sent to us by email. We will check the eligibility (according to the criteria on the Wikimania project page) and collect all applications, which will be forwarded to the funding committee (consisting of the members of the community managers). Please be ready to answer any questions by email. As is usual with other travel grants, applicants must organise their own travel arrangements. Accommodation will be provided by the organiser in Katowice. The organiser will also provide all meals and conference documents.

By authorising participants to travel, we expect that each participant will take care to plan the conference schedule as well as possible by attending the events that appear most promising for their individual work. The recipients of the scholarships will coordinate their visit of Wikimania, contribute actively and/or transfer their experiences and knowledge back to their respective community colleagues. A certain level of transfer-activitiy is necessary in order to get a scholarship. A summary of the most interesting slots on their own users sub-pages is welcome!



For reasons of transparency, we are setting out here the criteria that we will use to select applications besides those already established on the Wikimania project page. Of course, we can only consider those applications that we receive in due time and form. As far as possible, we would like the 6 people who will receive a scholarship to be as diverse as possible in terms of

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language affiliation
  • Project affiliation (Wikipedia, Wikidata, Commons, etc.).

A candidate may stand out for one or more of these features.

In addition, the impact of participation should be as great as possible. Therefore, preference is given to people who

  • have a lot of experience in the projects,
  • actively pass on this experience to others
  • take part in events within and outside Switzerland, in particular workshops and writing workshops, but also social events
  • are involved in various networks of "like-minded organisations"

The selection of profiles will therefore be made according to the above-outlined criteria of diversity and involvement. A public statement of reasons is not planned. The candidates will be notified by email.



The application deadline is on Sunday, March 31, midnight.

The applications need to be sent in form of an mail to Please indicate your username and tell us in a few sentences (in mother tongue and in English) why you would like to visit Wikimania 2024 in Katowice and how you will make sure to transfer your learnings back into your respective community. Note the projects you are involved in. Please mention the route and expected costs for traveling. Be aware of special conditions like Interrail. Please travel by train. Otherwise we will need to know why this is not possible for you. The selection of another means of transport must be argued in detail and approval must be awaited before making any travel arrangement.



In case you have any questions or you need help with regards to the planning of your Wikimania attendence, please regard to your personal Community manager as follows:

Lantus, Flor.