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Please find Wikimedia CH's newsletter for the month of November & December
For your information, Wikimedia CH will be officially closed in between Christmas and the New Year. We look forward to getting back in touch in 2017 and wish you all fantastic year end festivities should you celebrate them.
If you wish to share an event or activity through this newsletter, please feel free to send us a message at Happy reading!



End of year fundraising
As you might have seen in the past few days, the wikimedia movement has been raising funds by displaying banners on the top of Wikipedia-pages for non registered users. We're glad to announce that this year's fundraiser in Switzerland only took place over the course of 11 days and we have achieved the goal set by the Wikimedia Foundation. The preliminary amount raised is CHF.- 776 988, please note, we will be glad to update you with the official figure in 2017. Thanks to all the people who so generously supported Wikipedia - we're very grateful and impressed by the generosity towards Wikipedia.

Goodbye Muriel

Goodbye Muriel

As some of you may know, Muriel Staub, who has been working for Wikimedia CH since May 2013, will be leaving her current role within the association at the end of the year. Muriel will not go far and remain true to the values we deeply share within the Wikimedia Universe, as she will work for - the swiss chapter of Open Knowledge International - in order to open up more data in Switzerland. Besides this, Muriel will remain an active member of our association. She will carry on being involved on acquiring more female contributors on the Wikimedia projects. See further below the dates for the WomenEdit Wikipedia evenings in Zürich for 2017.



10 years Wikivoyage

Discover interesting destinations in Wikivoyage. CC-BY-SA 4.0 chensiyuan

On December 10th, the free travel guide Wikivoyage celebrated its 10th anniversary. We wish to congratulate all the volunteers who contribute(d) to this amazing project. And to all the readers out there: take the chance to browse Wikivoyage and get inspired for your upcoming travels. Wikivoyage is available in all Swiss national languages. Have fun while exploring new destinations on:

What is coming up next?


Wikimedia CH New Year's Brunch 2017

Impression from the WMCH New Year's Brunch in 2016. CC-BY-SA 4.0 Pakeha
  • Join us in Lugano on the 14th January for a "fondue" on the 14th January for the Italian speaking community. To participate please send an email to
  • Join us in Zurich on January 15th for the traditional Wikimedia CH New Year's Brunch! We're starting at 10:15 am in the Cafe Gloria, at Josefstrasse 59, 8005 Zürich (10 minutes walk from the train-station in Zurich). After having eaten breakfast together, you'll get the opportunity to work on Wikipedia and include digitized music records (by the swiss public domain foundation) in Wikipedia! Bring your laptop or tablet in case you're interested to join this activity.

Last but not least, please register directly on Wikipedia or write an email to

  • Join us in Lausanne on January 15th for the traditional Wikimedia CH New Year's Brunch! To switch it up we are organizing it in the canton de Vaud this time.

We will be starting at 10:15 am at the Espace Dickens located close to the train station at Dickens 4 CH-1006 Lausanne. The idea is to present you Wikimedia CH's activities in 2017 as well as enjoy a breakfast all together to discuss projects & activities. Should you wish to suggest a contribution activity on a specific theme, please free to get in touch with Also if you wish to register for the event, thanks for sending an email to that same address so that we can plan for the catering of the get together before the 9th January 2017.

Save the date: 4th February 2017 in Bern with Magnus Manske

Magnus Manske. CC-BY-SA 4.0 Jason Krüger

Magnus Manske will come to Bern on the 4th of February 2017 for a Wikimedia CH conference and will talk about «The history of Mediawiki and the prospective for the future». The event will take place in Bern at the Impact Hub at Spitalgasse 28 (Entrance in the Ryffligässchen).

Save the dates: Women Edit Switzerland 2017
Save the dates for Wikipedia Editing-Sessions for Women in 2017: February 7th, March 29th, May 11th, September 19th, October 18th and November 16th, from 6:30 to 9pm. More information will follow soon.

Save the date: Art & Feminism 2017 on March 11th
On March 11th 2017, the Art & Feminism Edit-a-thon will take place all over the world, and also in Switzerland. Save the date, we will be providing you more information in our next communications about the various events taking place locally.

List of events

Date Events Location
14.01.2017 Wikimedia CH New Year's Brunch " Fondue" Lugano
15.01.2017 Wikimedia CH New Year's Brunch Zurich, Lausanne
16.01.2017 Wikimidi meeting animated by the project les sans pagEs Cafeteria Uni Dufour, Geneva

from 2.15 pm to 4 pm.

VSA-AAS WMCH project for the Archives day 9th June 2017 Historical Archives and PTT Library in Bern
21.01.2017 Wikipedia Introduction Volkshochschule Bern
23.01.2017 Wikimidi meeting animated by the project les sans pagEs Cafeteria Uni Dufour, Geneva
28.01.2017 Wikipedia Atelier Swiss National Library Bern
02.02.2017 Wikipedia Introduction ProSenectute Bern
04.02.2017 Wikimedia conference by Magnus Manske on the history of mediawiki and the prospective for the future Impact Hub at Spitalgasse 28, Bern
02.03.2017 Wikipedia Introduction ProSenectute Bern

About recent events

en:ISO 27001 has been one of the main topic of the conference about cyber-insurance


The 2nd December Wikimedia CH was invited to give a case study of the use of cyber-insurance to protect the data of the donors. The conference was organized by ATED, the Italian Swiss association of information technology, and CLUSIS, the Swiss association of information security. Cyber-insurance is a new form of insurance to protect from data breach and Wikimedia CH started to use an insurance since 2012 to assure data protection and to retain data in Switzerland in compliance with the Swiss law of the private data. Ilario Valdelli presented this case study to the experts of security in private or public entities. Additional information si available in the link of the event.

Call for action

CC-BY-SA 4.0 Xendzi

Wikipedia for Peace
The project "Wikipedia for peace" is organised as a "workcamp", where people from different backgrounds come together for about two weeks to write and edit content about topics related to peace on Wikipedia. Wikipedia for Peace took place for the first time in 2015 in Vienna and is a community project organised by Wikimedia Österreich and Service Civil International Austria.
In 2017 we would love to get involved by providing scholarships for people from Switzerland to attend a "Wikipedia for Peace" camp. If you're interested to get active in this amazing project, please get in touch with Gabrielle. Please note that you would need to be available from March 30 - April 4 for a training as well as be willing to conduct one to two "Wikipedia for Peace" sessions in your city of origin. We're excited and are looking forward to receive your e-mail!

We need you for the National Archives day 9th June 2017

Logo Swiss association of archivists

Wikimedia CH is currently on the lookout for motivated volunteers who wish to participate & help support Archives across Switzerland who wish to host edit-a-thons during the National Archives day on the 9th June 2017. This project is the result fo the collaboration between VSA-AAS and WMCH in order to help promote free knowledge. It is the opportunity to explain to Archives across Switzerland the importance of opening up content and helping them to put it up on Wikimedia projects, you may read more information here. Check out the wikipedia project pages and feel free to add your username.

Should you wish to join or learn more about this initiative please contact: gabrielle.marie[at]

Aerial and video photography interest
If you are interest in aerial photography and video, the [1] just benefitted from a micro grant sponsorship for him to attend a workshop at an RPAS School in Switzerland. He is happy for anyone with a keen interest to get in touch with him via Wikimedia commons to learn more about it all.
Check out some of his contributions:

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