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Please find Wikimedia CH's newsletter for the month of October & November
If you wish to share an event or activity through this newsletter, please feel free to send us a message at Happy reading!



2017 Annual Plan Grant activity discussions
Since Wikimedia CH submitted it's annual plan submission early October, we have received questions from the FDC committee which may be consulted via this page in case you wish to follow up on the process.

Feedback from the FDC committee for WMCH's 2017 Annual Plan Grant submission
We have just received an initial feedback from the FDC which may be consulted here. The WMCH team needs to review and assess the comments received.


WikiUral International Competition is due to be held in the 1st half of year 2017

15 Dec 2016 start of WikiUral Competition (2nd round). Welcome!

Wiki to Learn 1.0 is online
Wikimedia CH is partnering with the WikiToLearn community. Founded a year ago, their efforts and work helped to achieve great results developing new features and improving the platform. As a result, we are very proud to announce the release of WikiToLearn 1.0

What is coming up next?


Workshop for the NCCR LIVES at the University of Lausanne
Wikimedia CH will be hosting a 2 days workshop for the National Centre for Competences in Research (NCCR) called LIVES at the University of Lausanne. The aim of the activity is to explain why scientists should contribute to Wikimedia projects as well as teach the attendees how to contribute on wikipedia. Most of the workshop will be practical with people building content on topics related to the field of Life Course Perspectives. All the contributors who wish to participate are more than welcome to do so, we need all the help we can get. Please check out the project page and add your username if you wish to support the initiative.

Wikimedia CH invited to the digital humanities seminar for projects in Ticino
Wikimedia CH has been invited by the Department of Culture of Canton Ticino to an annual seminar of digital humanities for a session on the development of cultural heritages. The seminar took place on the 27th October in Bellinzona. Every participants presented their own projects and the digital innovation which is taking place in the cantonal context. Wikimedia CH presented how Wikimedia projects are producing an impact for cultural partners.

Wiki on Rails @SBB Historic

SBB Historic - Hauenstein-Basistunnel, Workers in the Sohlstollen2

On the occasion of the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, many GLAM institutions (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums) are hosting Wikipedia Events in 2016 related to the topic of railway transportation. SBB Historic has invited the Wikipedia-Zurich-Stammtisch to Windisch on November 26th, where Wikipedians and enthusiasts will get a guided tour through and an overview over the Swiss railway history and therewith about the archives collection. Last but not least, the staff of SBB Historic will introduce the community to interesting sources of rail history. The guided tour will take place from 4:45 until 6pm, followed by an aperitif.

How Wikimedia CH manage the private data

Wikimedia CH has been invited by ATED, the association of computer scientist of the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, and by Clusis, the Swiss association of the information security, to speak about the measures taken to protect donor & members data. The event will take place the 2nd December 2016 in Lugano.

Complete list of events

Date Events Location
17.11.2016 Wiki on Rails Swiss Federal Archives Bern
19.11 - 20.11.2016 Vintage Computer Festival Rote Fabrik Zurich
21.11.2016 Wikimidi meetings for the Month of the contribution on funeral rites on wp:fr Cafeteria Uni Dufour, Geneva
22.11.2016 Wikipedia workshop for the NCCR LIVES - Day 1 University of Lausanne
24.11.2016 Wikipedia workshop for the NCCR LIVES - Day 2 University of Lausanne
26.11.2016 Wiki on Rails SBB Historic Windisch
28.11.2016 Wikimidi meetings for the Month of the contribution on funeral rites on wp:fr Cafeteria Uni Dufour, Geneva
01.12.2016 Wiki on Rails Swiss Federal Archives Bern
02.12.2016 Wikimidi meetings animated by the project les sans pagEs Cafeteria Uni Dufour, Geneva
02.12.2016 Cyber Risk & Insurance in collaboration with Clusis.CH Parco Maraini, Lugano
12.12.2016 Wikimidi meetings animated by the project les sans pagEs Cafeteria Uni Dufour, Geneva
17.12.2016 Wiki on Rails Swiss Economic Archives Basel

About recent events


A tasty & successful first edition of Wikicheese CH
On the 20th October the first Swiss Wikicheese event took place in Lausanne. The aim of the evening was to build content about the different varieties of Swiss cheese on the online encyclopedia, as well as on Wikimedia Commons. Of course the perk of the event was that after photographing the delicacies, we had the chance to taste them.The metrics of the evening are not completed yet but so far: - 6 articles were created on the french speaking wikipedia - 9 photos were uploaded and spread across 37 articles (over 1.3 millions of views) - 40 articles impacted in total - All this thanks to 4 contributors You may visit the page via this link. If you are keen to contribute about this culinary heritage, you may add your username on the project page and get in touch with the contributors. For your information, another Wikicheese event will be taking place during the first semester of 2017.

WomenEdit Switzerland

Wikimedia Women Edit Switzerland

Wikimedia CH hosted three Wikipedia writing ateliers in collaboration with the association of women lawyers and the association of feminist scientists. The ateliers took place in late October as well as early November, in Zurich and Bern. Last but not least, we can already announce the dates for the WomenEdit events in 2017, where women in Zurich get together in the evening to edit Wikipedia on women-related subjects: Save the dates on February 7th, March 29th, May 11th, September 19th, October 18th and November 16th, from 6:30 to 9pm. More information will follow soon.

Call for action


We need you for the National Archives day 9th June 2017

Logo Swiss association of archivists

Wikimedia CH is currently on the look out for motivated volunteers who wish to participate & help support Archives across Switzerland who wish to host edit-a-thons during the National Archives day on the 9th June 2017. This project is the result fo the collaboration between VSA-AAS and WMCH in order to help promote free knowledge. It is the opportunity to explain to Archives across Switzerland the importance of opening up content and helping them to put it up on Wikimedia projects. The project is only just kicking off so more information will be coming up soon with project pages on wp:it, wp:de, wp:fr. Should you wish to join on this initiative please contact: gabrielle.marie[at] to learn more about it.

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