Wikimedia CH/Grant apply/Wiki Loves PRIDE (inSPORT) inEurope


  • Name of the project: WikiLovesPride (+inSport) inEurope
  • Amount requested: 5000 CHF
  • Type of grantee: group of Europe based Wiki Loves Pride campaign organizers
  • Name of the contact: User:Hyruspex, User:OwenBlacker, User:Zblace
  • Contact: WikiLovesPrideEurope, nattes

The problem and the context


What is the problem you're trying to solve?


We try to address the content gap on LGBT+ topics in all Wikimedia projects and participation gaps of LGBT+ contributors in non-English languages, focusing on Europe. We try to innovate Outreach and Education work by focusing on events in Europe while working with local hosts and Wikimedians to reach event participants and bring them inside Wikimedia communities. We hope to do this with support of different organizations, institutions, groups and individuals, as well as all supportive and welcoming Wikimedia entities. We were in touch with WMCH director since a year and Community contacts in past weeks.

What is your solution to this problem (please explain the context and the solution)?


Project goals


This is a project proposal from the informal group of WM LGBT+ members based in Europe that work on Wiki Loves Pride 2023 campaign and plan its expansion for 2024 and 2025.

Wiki Loves Pride as a Wikimedia campaign started in the USA (by User:Pharos and Another_Believer) and has since branched out in Europe and South America via WM LGBT+ UG. It is established inside of a Wikimedia calendar and has visibility at least during the (different) month(s)-seasons of Pride celebrations. In 2022 Wikimedia Serbia with support of Wikimedia Germany did the first Wiki Loves EuroPride campaign, which got contributors from regional communities (presented at Queering Wikipedia 2022 Meeting). This year we decided to hyper-extend Wiki Loves Pride to 6 months to accommodate different regions (not USA-cetric Pride month) and also try to develop plans for more sustainable and diverse growth. LSP coordinated these efforts in 2023.

Wiki Loves Sport as a project of Wiki Donne was started in 2018, with effective international outreach in 2019 and has been focusing on writing (non exclusively) on women, non-binary and para athletes sport-related entries. In 2023 there is still no coordination and/or plan to develop the campaign due to Wiki Donne dropping out. We would like to try to extend Wiki Loves Pride with LGBTIQ+ Sport topics (not covered before), as well as try to network for possible partners and diversify forms of work with both physical outreach and media activities beyond Wikipedians.

Bern EuroGames and Pride + EuroPride Malta would be the first significant practical effort to scale up and diversify our approach in Europe, both in terms of languages and ways of doing work.

More on context of SPORT:

Wikipedias, especially English language instances, have been historically very biased to cover the most elite, commercial and industrialized sport, especially popular in the USA and also primarily male. In Europe dominant content is around football, often borderline promotional and rarely discursive. Social, cultural and other aspects of sport are almost not documented especially for minoritiezed subjects.

There is a lack of broader and deeper insights of sport beyond overview articles of academic fields like Sociology of sport. There is little to no information on sport activism, advocacy, academic work and community sports. It is not a big surprise as sport is mediated mostly top down and PR is done at the elite level with a very celebratory and promotional agenda, sometimes even abused as Sportswashing.

Example of Wikipedia differences in coverage of sport event and LGBT+ topics now in Krakow

More on context of PRIDES and EuroGames: Wikipedia does not cover well LGBT+ Prides in Switzerland, aside from:

Project impact


How will you know if you have met your goals?


We will have content from EuroGames, Bern Pride and Malta EuroPride with contacts to new enthusiastic contributors. We will have good and clear communication with EuroGames and EuroPride organizers as a basis for signing future Terms of Collaboration-Partnership, as well as contacts to sport museums via their curators. This will be enough to inform the basis for our 2024 planning and 2025-2026 strategic vision document including future scaling.

Do you have any goals or metrics around participation or content?


This is an experimental project for building more diverse, structured and sustainable work inside the content, participation and methodological gaps, so we will focus on establishing quality relations, rather than usual metrics in number of edits. However we will try to make at least 5 new diverse institutional contacts, create at least 4 new extensive galleries of Bern EuroGames, Bern Pride, LGBTIQ+ Sport content in Museums and EuroPride Malta. We will also try to synchronize and extend information on Swiss LGBTIQ+ Pride related activities, EuroGames and EuroPride on Wikidata and at least 3 different language Wikipedias (including at least French and German) and possibly Wikivoyage.

Project plan




We will organize 3 different types of activities overarching outreach to communities, education, innovation and GLAM: Outreach would primarily be via events where we will try to promote our Wikimedia work in advance, during and post events, by doing social media activities, online pre-event, physical meeting, photo walk (both during Bern Pride and EuroPride opening flag procession), clinic and online post-event publishing We will do networking meetings with stakeholders of events and try to get them enthusiastic to adopt open content practices as well as help sustainability of our work in future events they organize by partnering. We will promote to mainstream media and participants via direct contacts and distribution of materials. We will also visit institutions that curate sport content: Olympic Museum in Lausanne and FIFA Football Museum in Zurich, to talk to their curators about LGBTIQ+ content, as well as possible content donations.


  • 5000 CHF as TOTAL
  • BERN Pride&EuroGames +Museum visits+meeting: Laussane Olympic & Zurich FIFA
  • 300 * local and regional travel for 3 people (trains and busses in Switzerland and border areas)
  • 350 * international travel Z. Blace (flight + trains and busses from Croatia)
  • 1000 * accomodation for 3 people (total 10 nights)
  • 650 * food allowance for total of 10 days
  • MALTA EuroPride for 2 people (1 Swiss based +1 Swiss languages contributor)
  • 600 * local and int. travel (to Malta)
  • 600 * 100 accomodation for 2 x 3 nights
  • 350 * food allowance for 2 x 3,5 days
  • Shared costs between events
  • 500 * project administration and fiscal sponsorship
  • 500 * production of video, social media and print material
  • 150 * unexpected costs

Community engagement


Activities in both contexts go beyond existing Metapedians and information in English. We will try to provide all materials for translation and in at least 3 languages, when possible. We would like to capture new regional and international users.

BERN Outreach and Promotion: to announce our online training, physical activities of photowalk and wiki ‘clinic’ in Bern we would use social media platforms, mailing list, wikis, printed flyers and local open education platform We will try to get press coverage in and Berner Zeitung. We have promises from BERN Pride organizers and EuroGames stakeholders *(like European Gay and Lesbian Federation) that they will help with promotion on social media and program announcements.

MALTA Outreach and Promotion: to announce our training, clinic and photowalk in Malta we would use social media and direct connections we have with Wikimedia Community Malta + EuroPride 2023 organizers.

Answer of Wikimedia CH


Grant partially accepted.

Wikimedia CH accepts to cover the costs of the BERN Pride&EuroGames +Museum visits+meeting: Lausanne Olympic Museum & Zurich FIFA part of the grant, as well as some of the shared costs between the events. We will not be covering the Malta EuroPride part of the request.

We accept to finance the event with the following costs:

  • 300 * local and regional travel for 3 people (trains and busses in Switzerland and border areas)
  • 350 * international travel Z. Blace (flight + trains and busses from Croatia)
  • 1000 * accommodation for 3 people (total 10 nights)
  • 650 * food allowance for total of 10 days

Shared costs between events: Here the budget was reduced as the Malta EuroPride part of the request was rejected.

  • 300 * project administration and fiscal sponsorship
  • 300 * production of video, social media and print material
  • 100 * unexpected costs

TOTAL : 3000.- CHF

Our grant conditions state the following here : "Any individual, group or organization is allowed to receive one grant at a time (event attendance scholarships are excepted, but double financing is forbidden when scholarships are included in a project grant). An additional grant can be requested as soon the previous one has been closed and reported." Therefore, we would like to ask that only User:OwenBlacker, User:Zblace are in charge of project administration, to avoid a double founding as the third person involved here as a private person also works for an association that has a grant from WMCH. Finally, we appreciate your outreach projects and would like them to involve our staff where it makes sense: media outreach should be coordinated with Kerstin Sonnekalb, and our GLAM lead Sandra Becker should be informed of your GLAM projects (e-mails will be provided by e-mail). Please keep your main grant contact Flor Mechain in copy for a coordinated approach. All communication about the event should be done using the mention "supported by Wikimedia CH" (with a link to our corresponding social media - links sent by e-mail), or for images, it should contain our logo, which is downloadable here: Please check the use of it with Kerstin Sonnekalb.

Maurus Achermann (WMCH) 17:08, 15 July 2023 (UTC)[reply]