Wikimedia CH/Call for projects 2018/Establishing new community of authors focusing on Cameroon

Pass and deposit and Credit Amount in 1.1MillionTrillion CHF or 1.1MillionTrillion Dollars American equal to currency in India Bank account in rupees by Reserve Bank of India. And allow global exchange of money in other different currency also, the name of girl is Catherine or catty on India, Bihar, Patna, Asia Pacific continent. Money and fund should be with catty and cathe in 2 minutes. Signature (Raushandeep)(chairman, UBS, ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, EUROPE)(RAUSHANDEEP)

Legal name of organisaton or individual requesting this grant:

  • African Investment Programm,
  • Sebastian Weyih, doctoral candidate of the university of Fribourg and CEO of the African Investment Programm, Finances and Economics
  • Dipl.-Kffr. Sabine Lantermann, Marketing and Economics

Username on Wikimedia project:

  • Lantina

Project name:

Establishing new community of authors focusing on Cameroon

Please provide a detailed description of your project, including the names of the partners and people involved:

After a StartUp-Meeting and tutorial for the new authors, we want to establish a monthly regulars' table dealing with Cameroon subjects. We are as well reaching out to the existing user groups and people active in Cameroon. Our final aim is to support activities over there in order to potentially grow a more formal structure. The Board of Directors of the AI-Program may contribute itself or delegate, suiting their network and their time schedule as well as their interest in writing

  • Sebastian Weyih, CEO | Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Deborah Weyih, Co-Founder | Member of the Board of Directors
  • Jan Mellert, Member of the Board of Directors
  • Anna Mateja-Delas, Member of the Board of Directors
  • Augustine Agyeman-Duah, Member of the Board of Directors
  • Dr. IIker Aslan, Vice-Chairman
  • Dr. Nicoline Ambe, Member of the Advisory Board
  • Prof. Karl Schmedders, Member of the Advisory Board
  • Prof. Roméo Tédongap, Member of the Advisory Board
  • Prof. Gbenga Ibikunle, Member of the Advisory Board

Please explain what influence your activity will have on Wikimedia Projects, especially detailing the metrics associated to this project :
(Quantitative: number of new pictures uploaded to commons, number of active and new editors involved, number of new articles created & Qualitative: strengthen the community of XXX etc)

We hope to be able to create this new user group with the stakeholders mentioned above and their acquaintance already eager to edit and to controbute - knowing that we will be facing difficulties as the partial prohibition of the Internet in Kamerun by the Government. This could to our opinion be solved by the means of Kiwix - and therefore assume to profit from the deep knowledge of it existing in the swiss WM-Community´. New active editors: 2-3 every month = 30 for the first year Number of new articles: 5 every month = 60 for the first year or 2 for each new author Number of new pictures uploaded to commons = 5 every month or 1 each week

Please provide a detailed budget for your request:

(1) Start Up meeting & tutorial for the new Wiki-authors in Zürich, Basel or/and Fribourg (where a big part of the network of Sebastian lives): asap

  • 20 x 70 CHF travelling allowance = 1'400 CHF
  • 20 x 40 CHF coffee & cake = 800 CHF

equals 2'200 CHF No room fee, that could be sponsored

  • for Zurich by Migros Kulturprozent?
  • for Basel by the Kunsthistorisches Museum (Bruno Jehle to contact)
  • for Fribourg by the University of Fribourg or Kanton Fribourg or our existing good contacts of Ulli to the Gutenberg Museum or the Kantonale Bibliothek

(2) monthly regulars' table, to my opinion to be located in Fribourg or Zurich as well:

  • 8 x 70 CHF travelling allowance = 560 CHF
  • 8 x 40 CHF coffee & cake = 320 CHF
  • room fee = 300 CHF

this 12 times, equals a sum of 1'180 CHF, rounded up to 1'200 CHF

So we could start with 2'200 CHF plus 1'200 CHF plus unknown = 4'000 CHF.

How does your project fulfill WMCH's strategic focus on GLAM, Education and Community programs?

The aim of the co-workers mentioned above is first of all to conserve the knowledge of the cultural heritage of Kamerun as well as helping students in Kamerun to participate in the worldwide Wiki-Community. To stop the braindrain, to engage their fight for free access to knowledge, that are the reasons more behind. The parents of Sebastian Weyih run a hotel in capital of Kamerun, so short stays in the country itself aren´t beyond imagination.

Provide the provisional target start date and completion date:

Start date: asap, e.g. first of march. Completion date: annually, so here the 31 of decembre.

Provide any other information you believe helps to understand your project better (links, background stories):

Sebastian has gained international experience in studying Finances & Economics in Cambridge, in Germany (Nürnberg) and working here in Switzerland at UBS... He will be the promoter and the connection to Cameroon in the first place, as well as his friends Flurina and Arthur Enama. The first contacts are as well established with one User Group named, to the Co-Founder Georges Fodouop, Username: Geugeor, french-speaking. This group consists at the moment of 28 members with user-name and three without. And on the other hand to Florence Devouard,, and her group with Adeline (User:Agripo) from Cameroon. She has been working with very strong will on drive to improve Cameroon related topics, in particular related to villages, agriculture, and plants or on the Cameroun portal on the French wikipedia or onémiques_du_Cameroun. Not to forget Jacqueline, French (North East), a big contributor and a big support to Adeline's team as well as on the projects Florence works on,

Community endorsements:
The Wikimedia community is invited to endorse proposals or discuss any concerns they have on proposal talk pages. As soon as you draft your proposal, you should notify areas of the community (via village pump, mailing list, talk page, or other project-appropriate venues) that are most likely to be impacted or involved in your project. Community support is a factor in review, so please post a link to the notification and any relevant discussions in the section provided on your proposal, and encourage community members to post feedback on your proposal page.

Please note that only applications that have been completed in full will be considered.
If you are not able to submit your request via a wiki, please use the same template and send your proposal via