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What can Wikimedians learn from the Feminist movement?

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Asaf Bartov


Asaf (WMF)


Wikimedia Foundation

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Advanced capacity development

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This talk will present some key lessons from the way the Feminist movement dealt with equity challenges over the years. I will draw explicit parallels to challenges we face, in knowledge representation, source selection, and countering bias, about many different topics (not only gender-related). I will suggest things we could change or adapt in Wikimedia projects based on the accumulated wisdom and successes of the Feminist movement.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

I hope attendees would adopt some feminist techniques to improve knowledge equity on Wikimedia projects (not just around gender). There are many under-represented topics in CEE (including in many cases regional history, minority groups), and the issues the Feminist movement dealt with continue to be relevant.

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(But a recording of an earlier version of this talk, given at Wikimania 2018, exists).

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