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#notNewNORMAL - questioning routines and innovating wiki work

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  • Workshop
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Z. Blace




(LGBT+ user group)

  • Basic capacity development, Strategy, Diversity, but also partly Community Engagement and possibly partly Technology
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  • all but focus on
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For past 2 years we have been discussing and living the 'new normal' mostly seen as great challenge for 'developed' world, while suppressed and critical voices are questioning who's Normal it was to start with… What wiki practices are considered normal (How? Who? When? Why? they fail). This workshop aspires to help inform, research, imagine and prototype what could be alternatives, or even appropriations that foreground care and needs for those who are positioned far from centers and (assumed) norms. WikiWiki%Lohi?

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

By looking into and challenging: the doctrine of single and objective point of view, content and participation gaps, governance models/issues, assumptions embedded in user interface and experience, but also addressing needs for safe(r) space (considering ‘others’ - deconstructing norms, especially self-imposed ones and authoritarian) we hope to address some of the topics from 2030 strategy, new Code of Conduct and Movement Charter draft...with focus on how they play out in realities of SEE and CEE region and its participants in their language, wiki and thematic communities.

Special requirements

I would like to have limited number of people attending (up to 9) and have them be chosen through simple email application process in which they write down their username and write down at least 2 types of discrimination they experienced. Information from email will be treated as private and will not be shared to others than workshop organizer and one trusted member of organizing team. Confirmed participants will be informed by email.

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