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Wikipedian in Residence in the Battle for Cultural heritage

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Gorana Gomirac, Marko Adam


Gorana Gomirac (VMRS), AxeAdam20


Wikimedia Serbia


GLAM, Partnerships

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Wikipedian in residence in Serbia has been realized since 2014. Since then, we have implemented the project in cooperation with various types of cultural institutions - from the botanical garden, libraries, museums, archives, and theaters, to cultural centers and associations of artists. And the results are amazing. Over 2000 written and edited articles, over 11,000 files, and more than 1,100 digitized books on Wikimedia Commons.

How did we manage to realize the project despite the pandemic? How do we maintain relations with cultural institutions after the completion of the project? What results have we achieved, what are our greatest successes, and what are the lessons we have learned? In this session, you will learn the answers to these, but also many other questions.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

Attendees will be able to apply the work model when achieving cooperation with cultural institutions in their field of work, as well as to make that cooperation model sustainable.

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