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Wikipedia as text: Essence, not essays

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Heikki Kastemaa




Wikimedia Finland

  • Style in Wikipedia editing, writing the discussion pages
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  • From beginners to advanced writers of Wikipedia, and encyclopedia readers
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In my presentation I examine Wikipedia as text. Wikipedia falls into two categories. First, the articles are a collection of usually brief non-fiction and non-opinionated texts. When writing Wikipedia, personal, narrative and essayist styles should be avoided. Instead, attention should be paid to structure, continuity, truth to sources and essence. Second type of writing I evaluate, is the use of opinionated language and self-expression, that have landed from social media into discussion pages of Wikipedia and Wikimedia. These texts often lack clarity and effective dialectic problem solving.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

Presentation helps Wikipedia writers to understand better the contexts and purpose of their contribution. This presentation is applicable to all language Wikipedias, writers and editors.

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