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Wiki Clubs experience in Georgia

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Jaba Labadze




Wikimedia UG Georgia

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Two years ago, the Wikimedia UG Georgia took a new strategic course and started opening Wikiclubs in the different regions of Georgia. We gave two laptops to WikiClubs for temporary use, we trained some members of clubs on-site, and also we conducted online courses for others due to the Covid situation. The establishment of Wikiclubs significantly contributes to the strengthening of Wikipedia and gives us the opportunity to take Georgian Wikipedia to a new level of development.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

The experience of Wikimedia UG Georgia can be useful for affiliates in our region, in the field of organization and development of WikiClubs. They are one of the good tools for the development of the Wikimedia movement, as well as for the development of Wikimedia projects, and the experience of Georgia will help in this regard. We want to share our experience, strategy and resources with everyone.

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