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Modeling our languages with Lexeme

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Asaf Bartov (Wikimedia Foundation)


Asaf (WMF)


Wikimedia Foundation

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Lexeme is the name for the lexicographical layer of Wikidata, that is, the features for documenting words in Wikidata. Now is an exciting opportunity to document CEE languages with structured data, in a more precise and high-quality way than Wiktionary ever provided, and which will enable a lot of innovative uses. This workshop will walk you through how to contribute to documenting your own language, both manually and using some tools.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

CEE has many languages, most of them under cultural pressure from larger/imperial languages; creating structured-data representations of their lexica can go a long way toward enabling innovative tools for education and reference.

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File:Documenting our languages with Lexeme.pdf

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