Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2022/Programme/Submissions/How to take better photos

Are you usually taking your pictures with your phone or with a camera set to automatic mode? Are you sometimes unhappy with the results you are getting? We will look at the following things, that could help improve you photos:

  • What type of lens will give you the desired framing?
    • I will bring a few lenses that will show you what differences there are between different lenses. You might have a better understanding of what kind of lens you need for a photo project.
  • What kind of decisions and settings can be made while taking the photo?
    • We will look at some basic settings that most cameras have, that might improve the captured images in certain situations. We will also briefly talk about decisions and equipment that will lead to better images in general.
  • How can we improve the photo after transferring it to the computer?
    • We will look at some basic photo editing options in the application With some simple adjustments your photos might look a lot better.
Title of the submission
Type of submission (lecture, panel, workshop, lightning talk, roundtable, poster)
  • workshop
Author(s) of the submission
  • Tobias Schönberg
  • WMAT
  • Capacity development, Technology
Level of advancement (basic, medium, advanced)
  • basic: Aimed at people that are not photography experts. You don't need a fancy camera and you don't need to know anything about photo editing. If you are advanced or an expert you can still participate as an additional instructor, or show people your equipment or workflow during the discussions.
Abstract (up to 100 words)
How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

Many things need to be photographed or existing photos could be replaced by better photos.

Special requirements

Just bring your laptop to try out the editor. Please install before the session if you have time. The application is free and open source.

Slides or further information

Coming soon.

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