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Wikiexpedition 2.0

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  • lightning talk
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Jan Lochman



  • Education
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Since 2016 Juandev and Aktron have been organizing Wikiexpeditions, more day group photo walks. In the concept, we called Wikiexpedition 2.0 we mix our knowledge from being a part of expeditions organized in Poland and individual photo taking program in the Czech Republic. In this short presentation, I will show you, what are the key principles, which led to such great results: 2016 (3500 images, 330 illustrated articles), 2017 (9100 images, 990 illustrated articles), etc.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

Participants will learn how to create a lot of content in a short time and how to advocate the quality and reliability of Wikimedia projects.

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  • Coming from the Cz wiki community. THe project focuses on content creation and on advocacy (Wikipédia as a reliable source)
  • It is a multiple-days photo walk. They hand-pick the towns/villages (sites) to visit, since wikidata skips some of the places and marks them as already illustrated.
  • Enhanced distribution of photographers. We can do more villages or more sites. We have placements of photographs. We distribute images to other wikipedias and Wikidatas.
  • Some results: 2400 illustrated articles 25k images to Commons, 2 new users gotten.
  • Our project has a long time support from WMCZ, WMPL and WMF.
  • For the future would like to continue of course, would like to get more photographers. It is usually four days long event. We are planning on something cross-border. We go to neighbours, DE, PL and others. We are thinking of going to Lower Silesia. If you have someone, let them know about it. We want to share knowledge that we have. in Pssau, there is a crossborder meeting. Juandev is working on a new toal to speed up the process. TOnight at 18:10 in the Dialog room - Juandve will have a presentation.