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The art of writing learning patterns

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  • Lecture
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Kiril Simeonovski


Kiril Simeonovski


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  • Community Health
  • Organisational
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Learning patterns are a simple way to document an important lesson from any activity involving problem-solving. They act as a transforming mechanism that extracts challenging issue from an activity and coverts it into a solution that explains how to reproduce a successful strategy for executing or evaluating that activity. The main goal of this presentation is to stimulate writing of quality learning patterns through creative thinking and use of analytical skills. It also aims at increasing awareness about the usefulness of this tool among volunteers willing to share their best practices.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

Communities will learn more about the importance and the substance of learning patterns as systematic tools for sharing good practices and successful stories in a problem-solving set-up. They will also get insights on how to approach the experience they are willing to systematically transform into a patterns from which others can learn as well as how to increase the visibility of the learning patterns to the global community.

Special requirements

I will need a laptop computer, a projector, and a projection screen.

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  • Idea is to share learning patterns with people who can learn from them. In our lives, we learn all the time. Learning patterns guidelines provide advice on how to learn in the best way. Motives for writing learning patterns are successful projects, successful event and good practices, but the motiv can be also learning from mistakes.
  • Contents of a learning patter, is a clear title, pattern summaries in a few sentences, solutions or how to fix that challenges. the part where is described what is the main problem, clearly defined solution, when to use it and relevant patterns.
  • Examples: -Teaching new editor about copyright
    • Keeping communities engages
  • Bad example: How to motivate editors to became more active in editing high-quality articles. - It is too long, you need to shorten it.
  • Step by step solution:
    • Step 1: Expression of interest
    • Step 2: Shaping the form
    • Step 3: CTA
    • Step 4: The content
    • Step 5: Given enough eyeballs
  • every pattern should be categorized. It can be categorized by the theme, by the organization...
  • The pattern can be low complicated and more complicated - Moderate complexity and high complexity ones.
  • Tips on increasing visibility of patterns:
    • Embed in program reports,
    • Use for program planning
    • Share on community resource pages
    • Use during outreach events
    • Spread outside the movement.
  • No learning patterns are perfect. To improve you can improve existing ones, create a series of related patterns and document solutions applicable outside the movement.
  • Q1: What if we have multiple learnings from a single event?
    • A1: My suggestion is to make serious learning patterns from the event. If you have 2 learning patterns from the same topic, my suggestion is to try to merge them.