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Collateral victims of the gender gap war

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  • diversity
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While scientific studies have show gender gap to be a real issue of our project, how much thought have we given other biases that are hidden by gender gap? In this talk we will start from a couple of examples where the gender gap turned out to hide other systemic biases which were made worse by creating articles about women.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

By the end of the talk, participants should be better equipped to take all known systemic biases into account when preparing an activity.

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  • We forget the collateral victims, they did a Wiki gap, and people wanted a proof for the need of it,
  • Olympic medalists as an example, olympic games few places where Gender gap is part of the agenda, wikipedia has a recency bias, 55% men - 45% women (60%-40%)
  • 700 articles OM, 686 have sex or gender almost half half
  • 68% fermale romanian gold OM
  • Winner of the .. ..., go to first three spots