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Not only pl.wikipedia - Polish sister projectsEdit

Name(s) and/or username(s)Edit

Piotr, Gackowski, User:PMG
Affiliate, Position (if any): WMPL, vicepresident


  1. Capacity development:
    • Creation and development of local communities. Recognition from WMF. Support of small communities.
    • Wikidata, particularly integration into local wikis.
    • Encouragement of new editors.
    • Writing and using learning patterns.
    • Technical skills, particularly to speed up the editing.

Type of submission (Please choose one)Edit

  • Presentation with discussion (one-to-many + Q&A)


Last Year, Wikimedia Polska organized Żródłosłów - a conference / meetup for Wikisource and Wiktionary editors. During the conference it was easy to spot differences between editors from these two projects. Wikisource people work together - Wiktionary specialists work alone. I want to show the differences between these groups and why it's like this. Also, I would like to answer the question "why Wikisource is popular".

Second part - why it's important to have "your own people" on Wikidata and Commons. This year WMPL wants to set up a meeting for Polish editors of Wikidata.

Third part "Bot requests" on is the place to ask a bot operator to mass-change something. Wikisource and Wiktionary projects have not reached the critical mass to create big communities that require bot operators. So editors from all projects use "Bot requests" on wikipedia as the main place for requesting mass-changes.

Expected outcomesEdit

  • Participants should learn the differences between editors of Wikisource and Wiktionary. Also, why such differences arise.
  • Participants should be able to identify the importance of communities in their language on wikidata and commons.
  • Participants should be aware that usually on wikipedia there is a community of bot owners on "Bot requests" page. Why they should use it. How easy it is to ask on pl.wikipedia on "Zadania dla botów" for help in easy tasks.

Duration (without Q&A)Edit

15-20 minutes

Specific requirementsEdit


Slides or further informationEdit

Link to Google Slides

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