Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018/Board governance workshop

Name(s) and/or username(s) Edit

  • Tim Moritz Hector, chair Wikimedia Deutschland
  • Frans Grijzenhout, chair Wikimedia Nederland

Topics Edit

This session focuses on board governance, especially for less experienced board members that want to learn more about sound governance practices and share their own experience with other affiliates.

Topics to be discussed Edit

  • Introduction to adaptive Board Governance
  • Roles of the Board & roles of Board Members
  • Strategies to work effectively within the board
  • Board Member transition
  • Formal side of Board engagements

Type of submission Edit

A variety of workforms will be used. Brief presentations to introduce a topic, Q&A. Plenary discussions. 5 minute-assignments. Sharing examples, procedures and tools.

Summary Edit

Affiliate Board members are difficult to find and very often new board members feel lost when they are confronted with the tasks of a board member. In this workshop we will share possibilities of improving skills and competences by sharing experiences, highlight procedures, point out pitfalls and discuss ways of improving the governance qualities of an affiliate, from a board member perspective.

Expected outcomes Edit

A better insight in the tasks and responsibilities of a board member.

Duration Edit

90 minutes

Specific requirements Edit

Beamer with HDMI slot, flip-over +pencils

Participants are welcome to bring their laptop

Interested attendees Edit

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