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Tools and policies for more constructive WikipediasEdit

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Steigenberger, Christel User:CSteigenberger (WMF)
WMF, Community Advocate


  • Conflict resolution + Community health

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  • Presentation (one-to-many)


In the Community Health Initiative, the Wikimedia Foundation's Community Tech and Community Engagement teams are underway on a multi-year project of research, product development, and policy growth to help the Wikimedia volunteer community to reduce the level of harassment and disruptive behavior on our projects.

There are many ways communities and even single users can contribute to this process, to make its results more helpful in their local wiki environments. To help them in this, this talk gives a short overview over the state of progress as well as the ways to bring input.

  • State of research and development of technical means (tools)
  • State of research and development in policy growth (policies)
  • How and where to bring input to the tool development
  • How and where to bring input to the policy growth discussion
  • Questions?

Expected outcomesEdit

People attending the talk will be informed and motivated to particiapte in the community health initiative

Duration (without Q&A)Edit

40 minutes

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