Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2017/Programme/Submission/Software for organisational work

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User:KuboF Hromoslav
Wikimedia Slovakia, proposed User Group (president) / WUG Esperanto ad Free Knowledge

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  • Management practices in Wikimedia affiliates (incl. grants funding and reporting)

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  • Presentation (one-to-many)

Summary edit

People are good in decision making while computers are good in memorizing and automatisation. So let's leave the heavylifting to machines and focus on things where humans excel.

In this presentation I will showcase elected software solutions useful as structure for success of Wikimedia affiliation. The election will be presented in several categories (project management, time management, website administration, etc) according to survey done before the meeting on (mostly) CEE affiliations. Applying this information, contextualized for your local conditions will help you decrease the administration costs (including the volunteers' time and energy) and focus more on the interesting programmatic work.

Expected outcomes edit

More optimised usage of specific software tools will help to decrease an administration workload and to increase focus on programatic work.

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25 min

Specific requirements edit

I have proposed another session: Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2017/Programme/Submission/Why does people value what they value - value structures in CEE

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File:CEE 2017 - Software for organisational work.pdf

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