Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2017/Programme/Submission/Grants reporting for volunteers and user groups

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Grants reporting for volunteers and user groups

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Vassia Atanassova User:Spiritia
Wikimedians of Bulgaria


  • Volunteer support and Volunteer recruitment
  • Management practices in Wikimedia affiliates (incl. grants funding and reporting)

Type of submission (Please choose one)

  • Workshop (work in groups)



This workshop is intended for individual volunteers and user groups who do not use the services of professional accountants, and who have to do all the grant activities and financial reporting by themselves, if they want to apply for WMF funding. In the context of WMF funded projects only, we will clarify some general accounting principles and concepts, which are invariant of different national accounting systems, but which are generally expected to be understood and respected by grantees.

The topics that will be covered include:

  • shared bank accounts - setting and usage
  • working with documents - discussion of different scenarios
  • protocols for project team communication and collaboration
  • tips for preparing financial and activity reports
  • typical mistakes and how to avoid them

Expected outcomes


Individual grantees and user group representatives with less experience in project activities reporting and financial reporting will have a better understanding of the key points, rationales, and requirements of grant reporting.

Duration (without Q&A)


60-90 minutes.

Specific requirements


Flipcharts and pencils. Round table or U-shape arrangement would be nice, but not absolutely required.

Slides or further information


Two learning patterns:

(You're welcome to *endorse* them, if you find them useful.)

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