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A healthy Wikimedia affiliateEdit

Name(s) and/or username(s)Edit

Frans Grijzenhout, User:Grijz
WMNL Wikimedia Netherlands, Chair of the Board


Management practices in Wikimedia affiliates (incl. grants funding and reporting)

Type of submission (Please choose one)Edit

Presentation (interspersed with brief discussions)


  • I would like to tell you about the recent history of Wikimedia Netherlands and about the choices we made that led to our current status as a stable chapter with good cooperation between volunteers, board, directors and employees.
  • We will touch upon subjects such as the annual planning and budget cycle (who does what), strategy and activity planning (and how we involve the community), tasks and responsibilities of management versus staff (and how to avoid problems).
  • The presentation will be interspersed with brief discussions on practical topics, for example: the usefulness of job descriptions for board members, what makes a board meeting effective, when did you last realize that your by-laws and regulations are important, the annual activity plan: how monitor progress and results, what should you do before hiring your first employee, etc.
  • Target group: Wikipedians interested in taking up organizational responsibilities, (potential) board members. Put down your name below if you want to attend this session and do not hesitate to add the topic on governance that you want to discuss.

Expected outcomesEdit

Improved knowledge about sound governance practices

Duration (without Q&A)Edit

60 minutes

Specific requirementsEdit

Beamer with hdmi slot, whitboard or flipcharts with pencils

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Available learning materials:

Interested attendees (Please add yourself, and you may indicate your questions to the presenter).Edit

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