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Translation tools edit

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  • Lecture (one-to-many)
Short presentation of computer assisted translation (CAT) and WMF's Content translation tool with special part about how Wikimedia organisations can help to its functionality (like supporting machine translators, providing translation memory, dictionaries etc.). In the last part I will shortly present some ideas about outsourcing of translations (Duolingo, language learners, etc.) with open end.
Preliminary preparation (if necessary)
Trying of ContentTranslation in advance will help, as the tool will be presented only shortly
Expected outcomes
  • Better understanding of basic technical background of translation tools.
  • Spreading ContentTranslation into non-Wikipedia projects in CEE languages.
  • Possibly, start of using new or support for existing language processing tools for CEE languages.
  • Possibly, evolution in translation outsourcing.
Duration (without Q&A)

20 min

Specific requirements
Slides or further information

File:WM CEE 2015 - Translation tools.pdf

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