Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2013/Feedback

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What did we do that we should continue doing?Edit

  • not only passive speaks but interactive discussions or workshops
  • social program

What did we do that we should do more of?Edit

  • non-Wikimedia funds
  • engaging more participant
  • participants from countries without chapter
  • early publishing of program schedule

What did we do that we should do less of?Edit

  • inspiring by another conference time plan can be good but not to follow it precisely

What did we do that we should stop doing?Edit

  • Holding an event at a location not easily accessible via public transportation.

What didn't we do that we should start doing?Edit

  • Better communication with speakers.
  • Better information on how to get to the venue.

Another notes / proposalsEdit


Already did or in preparationEdit

Plans and ideasEdit