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Maybe while CEE Meeting 2022 is happening we could start proposing and mapping some ideas for the future CEE Meetings?

Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2022 is the first in-real-life since 2019. It was initially designed as a non-hybrid conference but becoming one on the fly for to allow for remote individual presentations *(but not participation). This page is an effort to advance and prepare better for complex realities, but also novel setups and goals with emergence of CEE Hub. It is formulated based on Wikimania:2023:Ideas, but without pressure on 2023 organizers as there are many more limits on resources and programming when it comes to scale *(Wikimania is much bigger and longer event).

This page is meant to collect ideas for Wikimedia CEE Meetings in the future, so be both practical and bold! Please add!

Public programs and interactionsEdit

Engaging new or non Wikimedians is always a challenge. What are some ideas for public programming for 2023 and beyond?

  • Wikimedia Commons photo exhibition
  • Poster exhibit to explain Wikipedia to newbies - something like Wikipedia Space (:en:WP:WPSPACE). See photo.
    • "+1 A poster expo with language of choice. Then we can have a QR code with link to translated abstract of the poster."
  • With enough floor space, we could create a Selfie studio or Selfie museum with Wikipedia/Wikimedia themes and props, so that folks who are interested in doing Instagram selfies can create their own social media posts. Ideas that might attract the public and do grassroots sharing of Wikipedia content might be:
    • Prop signs with Wikipedia famous phrases in multiple languages, such as: citation needed, Be Bold, NPOV, etc.
    • Cuteness Association area with plushies?


  • Poster sessions should be a significant part of the conference - they have been a successful way to show a lot of different projects in an efficient way, and in a social setting (usually during a cocktail hour or social time). They also allow for non-native English speakers to present their projects in a more supportive setting, while also connecting in one-on-one conversations. Posters can be just like submissions for conference sessions, or they could be specific to affiliates.
    • We should provide easy to use templates for making posters, such as using Google Drawings.
  • Healthcare track similar to in Sweden


  • Try creating programming for different age groups - how might we have "youth-oriented programming" that is interesting and engaging?
    • "An example - Singapore Writers Festival 2022 has different pathways for age group - younger children (I.e SWF playground), young people (youth fringe), literary pioneer, country focus etc"

Wikipedia topics and content creationEdit

Some articles or areas for improvement related to host city/region/country could benefit from attention for Wikimania.

  • Terminology and phenomenon unique to city/region/country.


  • Hackathon - make these more inclusive by embracing data science, video production, or other "making" activities. Datathons, Video challenges, Documentation, etc.
    • Social media/marketing challenge? Bring in social media influencers or makers to challenge them to make social media content around Wikimedia content such as Depths of Wikipedia.
  • "We could also try visual facilitation for a change. Moving away from text heavy, PowerPoint heavy, towards more visually appealing and succinct conference content."
  • Mobile app that contains program/speaker details, participant list, chat function with participants, venue map and other useful information. Netha Hussain (talk) 13:20, 14 October 2022 (UTC)

Awards and ContestsEdit

  • CEE Awards (for contributions to knowledge and the projects, pre-event photo walks, &c)
    • ideally not just one award to one single person
  • Photo scav hunt: including y'allfies with portable photo frames that you have to use to frame a group w/ a combination of properties
  • Physical scav hunt across the campus / city
    • Nature photography
    • Urban landscape photography (dont worry there is Freedom of Panorama in Singapore)
  • "Loyalty card" style system, conference attendees get a stamp for each completed sessions (only for those sessions who be willing to participate) and those who completed a pattern or the whole grid gets a prize, maybe first 100.


  • Food
    • Foodie tour
    • Vegetarian food crawl


  • Provide certificate of participation for volunteers
    • Working in ICT room for ensuring effective presentations

Travel and stayEdit

  • Provide ride-share-like planing system for participants who want to coordinate and travel with others
    • ideally already before booking travel, but also after
    • ideally just dependent on Wikimedia User accounts, but optionally with more info
    • ideally use the opportunity of shared time for informing, inspiring, skill share or similar, but maybe also just getting to know about each other
  • Provide for stay-together/near planning system for participants who are flexible with stay
    • ideally so participants can share both costs and interests
    • ideally for participants who have limited EN language understanding or need other assistance to get it from a peer