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WOKwiki app enhance Wikipedia by have a quiz on every articleEdit

WOK, short of

  1. REDIRECT World of Knowledge is a project that aim to enhance the Wikipedia Community by adding multiple choice questions related to Wikipedia articles and turn learning into a game. In the app WOKwiki , Wikipedia can be used to full extent, but with every article can be used as a tool for learning in schools for quiz. Both for Joy and pleasure but also as a school enhancement and enhanced learning experience.
  • WOKwiki app have had 125000 downloads in Google Play.
  • WOKwiki have had 4.4 in reviews in Google Play.
  • WOK have currently over 330000 questions in english, arabic and swedish made by the WOK community


WOK is the gamification of Wikipedia. Its a new community sharing the Wikipedia mission. WOKwiki app adds over 330000 multiple choice questions on top of the articles for all Wikipedia users to enhance the learning experience and use the encyclopedia with control questions to check if knowledge in the articles was learned and remembered.


WOK project is short for World of Knowledge. WOK has been developed over a number of years alongside but outside the Wikipedia Community. In January 2016, on the Wikipedia 15th Anniversary, WOKcraft launched the mobile app WOKwiki in Google Play and AppStore. WOKwiki is an Wikipedia app that have added quizzes on top of every Wikipedia article. Each article on Wikipedia have different amount of multiple choice questions attached to Wikipedia by tags, using the open API from Wikipedia. Each multiple choice question have 4 alternative in which one is correct. The questions is created by the users of WOK, called the WOKers in the app. (nor auto or bot generated). Each question in WOK can be associated with one or many Wikipedia articles depending on the subject. With the same idea as Wikipedia, the WOKers add relevant tags and alert bad content and develop with the wisdom of crowds. WOKwiki also use the images from the Wikipedia Community and Wikimedia Commons to illustrate the questions.

Wikipedia at large would benefit from the WOK project by having the most read articles more useful since WOK add a dimension of learning. Any school student struggling to learn any topic in school can read an article and then check if the topic is understood by taking a quiz. Or start by taking a quiz and fill in the missing gaps by reading the relevant articles. WOK also provide the trivia community with the fun of facts and knowledge by making it possible to play any Wikipedia article and become the WikiMaster in the subject by having most points, (WOKbits).

WOKwiki app have been downloaded in Google Play over 100000 times and have in november 2016 received a 4.4 rating.

To have the ability to have control questions in a textbook in school made the learning better. To put the same questions on top of every Wikipedia article is a huge project but will enhance the usefulness of all the hard Wikipedia effort. A good question in WOK on a well read an large article have a higher marginal effect for the Wikipedia mission than a new Wikipedia article on a marginal issue not covered yet by the Wikipedia community. Wikipedia Community at large should recognize the WOK initiative and embrace it in order to make Wikipedia better.

During the development of WOK, WOK have already created an API making it possible to put the WOK questions from the WOK database in the end of each Wikipedia article as a plugin. This would make WOK project accessible to all Wikipedia community without having to download an app in the mobile.

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Erik Bolinder, Founder of the WOK project and WOKcraft