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WikiWomen's Collaborative - New look makes it even easier to get involved edit

The WikiWomen's Collaborative is a space in the world of Wikimedia that women was created by women involved in Wikimedia projects - either as contributors, readers, or advocates. The Collaborative is a place where WikiWomen and their allies can come together to celebrate their contributions, share their love for the free knowledge movement, and provide support for one another when times get tough on Wikipedia and it's sister projects. Hundreds of women from around the world come together through Facebook, Twitter, and the Collaborative's wikipage to do just that, and we're pleased to announce that we've got a new look, and new ways for you to get involved!

WikiWoman Heather Walls, who designed the Collaborative logo and cool projects like the Teahouse, re-designed the Collaborative's wikipage to be easier to navigate and provide easier ways to get involved and find resources. Take a look at the new page and get involved by:

  • Connecting with WikiWomen through our Facebook, Twitter, and blog.
  • Volunteering to be a part of the Collaborative by blogging, recruiting blog writers, serving as a Facebook admin, or helping translate blogs, Tweets, and Facebook posts in your language.
  • Learn why the Collaborative exists and find the ultimate resources on what people around the world are doing to solve the gender gap in Wikimedia projects.
  • Discover or share events taking place in your area for WikiWomen - from edit-a-thons to meetups - on the easy to use calendar.
  • Meet women involved in the project and add your own introduction.

New or experienced WikiWomen - we hope you'll join us at the Collaborative. Stop by Facebook and introduce yourself, ask questions via Twitter, or share a story through our blog. See you there!

Sarah Stierch, Wikimedia Community Fellow

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