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  • "Help improve Wikipedia's coverage of cannabis-related content during the upcoming 420 collaboration"
  • "Wikipedia editors planning a 420 collaboration in April to improve information about cannabis"
  • "WikiProject Cannabis is organizing a 420 collaboration to improve Wikipedia's cannabis coverage"
  • "4/20 drive to expand and improve content on cannabis culture, health, hemp, history, medicine, politics, and religion"


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Cannabis leaf
Cannabis sativa, scientific drawing from c. 1900

In cannabis culture, April 20 (4/20) has become an annual celebration of cannabis. While the exact origins of this unofficial, counterculture holiday remain clouded in mystery, participation has increased in recent years as cannabis has become less stigmatized, at least in some regions of the world. Possession of cannabis remains illegal in most countries, following a wave of prohibition during the 1930s, but some nations have legalized cannabis for medicinal or recreational use, or both. In 2013, Uruguay became the first nation to legalize the cultivation, distribution, and sale of cannabis. Countries permitting the medical use of cannabis include Canada, the Czech Republic, and Israel. More than half of the United States permits the medical or recreational use of cannabis.

This year, WikiProject Cannabis participants are commemorating the holiday by organizing the inaugural "420 collaboration" for the purpose of creating and improving cannabis-related content at Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects in a variety of fields, including culture, health, hemp, history, medicine, politics, and religion. The campaign will be held from April 15 to April 30, and especially on April 20.

The purpose of this collaboration is for experienced Wikipedia editors, who may or may not edit cannabis articles often, and people who are familiar with cannabis topics, but do not edit Wikipedia regularly, to create and improve related content. Bringing these two groups together, even for a short period of time, has the potential to improve many articles on the Internet's largest and most popular general reference work.

We seek the inclusion of neutral, appropriately sourced facts. We want Wikipedia to have accurate, reliable information about cannabis, just like we want there to be trustworthy content about scientists, butterflies, and contemporary pop culture. We have no political agenda. We are not activists advocating for legalization. If you want to edit an article about an anti-drug program, or expand a section about the negative health effects of smoking, great! We welcome your participation. All we're promoting here is free knowledge.

We will soon be distributing invitations to more than 50 topical WikiProjects and over 100 geographic WikiProjects, which demonstrates cannabis' impact within many different fields of study around the world. We invite editors to help improve Wikipedia's coverage of cannabis, regardless of their opinions about medicinal or recreational drug use. On our campaign page, we've clearly outlined our goals and expectations, provided resources for new editors, suggested ways to help, and identified well over 100 missing articles. If you are interested in helping, please visit the campaign page, sign up as a participant, and add the page your watchlist.

- Another Believer and The Hammer of Thor, WikiProject Cannabis