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Building a Better Wikimedia Together: Open Call for Grants Proposals Edit

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Share your idea for Individual Engagement Grants and get advice!

How do Wikimedia programs and projects start? In the beginning, there was an idea. If you want to build a better Wikimedia and want to focus on a specific issue, Individual Engagement Grants (IEG) can help you achieve this. The IEG program is staging a new open call for proposals. You can submit yours this month from September 1st to the 30th!

Your idea doesn’t have to be a massive, game-changing project (although big ideas are welcome!). It could be a new tool or gadget, an experiment in improving a community space, research on an important issue facing Wikimedia projects, or something else aimed at helping build Wikimedia community and content. Whether you need $200 or $30,000, Individual Engagement Grants can cover project development time and expenses for you and your team.

How does it work? Edit

User I JethroBT at IdeaLab mixer in Wikimania London.

The program has a flexible schedule and reporting structure and the Grantmaking staff are there to support you through all stages of the process. We’ll even help you find project mentors!

After you submit your proposal, the grantmaking team will go through it to make sure it meets all eligibility criteria. Proposals should support the achievement of Wikimedia's mission and strategic priorities. We are looking for experiments with high potential for learning and impact, and lots of community engagement, among other selection criteria.

Proposals are commented on and reviewed by the community, from October 1 to November 3rd and grantees are announced on December 5.

Some ideas funded in the past include a pronunciation recording tool for Wiktionary, Medicine Translation Project, Reimagining Wikipedia Mentorship, both community organizing initiatives and research on Wikipedia’s gender gap. Check out all projects that received funding in the past IEG round for inspiration.

Test your idea and get advice Edit

IdeaLab Hangout dates:

Do you have have a good idea, but you are worried that it isn’t developed enough for a grant? Put it into the IdeaLab, where volunteers and staff will give you advice and guidance on how to bring it to life.

During the month of September, we’ll be hosting three online Hangout sessions for real-time help on how to make your proposal better. The first one, How to Write an IEG Proposal will take place on September 16, at 1600 UTC.

By working together we can make an impact on the future of Wikimedia projects. We are excited to see the new ways your project ideas can support the Wikimedia community! Share your proposal in September.

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