Wikimedia Blog/Drafts/An example in the region : Chile and Argentina present at the Week of Arts organized by the University of Cuyo.

Title ideasEdit

  • An example in the region : Chile and Argentina present at the Week of Arts organized by the University of Cuyo.


An experience coordinated by Wikimedia Argentina and Wikimedia Chile. Both chapters attended the Week of Arts from the University of Cuyo.


Edit-a-thon Mendoza

Incubation and generation of projects that include cultural and educational institutions is one of the main challenges faced by Wikimedia Argentina. Wikimedia Argentina is always thinking how to design and organize projects with the community as a whole, specifically with those users that have no knowledge editing in Wikipedia. With this objective in mind Wikimedia Argentina started to plan a series of activities with the University of Cuyo that involved our participation in its Week of Arts.

A natural fitEdit

Argentina is a country with an area of ​​2,780,000 m2. To work at the federal level is a challenge. That's why when we think in regional activities we try to optimize efforts and work with as many institutions as possible. Moreover, coordinating with the Chilean chapter was a natural choice .

The venue for this activity was not accidental ; Mendoza is the gateway to the Argentina from central Chile. Mendoza is connected with the Chilean city of Los Andes (and the capital, Santiago) by the Paso Internacional Los Libertadores. Its name was given by the patriots who fought for the independence- Chile and Perú- Almost two centuries later, and despite historical ups and downs , the relations and cooperation between Chile and Argentina are at their best shape. Hence we wanted to rescue the relationship of brotherhood ( that in the city of Mendoza is significant as you can find Plaza Chile) as the main topic for our edith-a-ton together . - Marco Correa , president of Wikimedia Chile.

What was done in Mendoza?Edit

The main objective of the Week of Arts from the University of Cuyo was to show the Art productions done by students, teachers and graduates of the Faculty and share them with the educational community. In this scenario , both the Chilean and Argentine chapter were invited as partners to organize activities together under the topic of the relations between Chile and Argentina. The visit of Wikimedia Argentina and Wikimedia Chile was coordinated by the Department of Learning Technologies and Communication (TAC ). The meeting aimed to sensitize the educational community regarding Wikipedia as an educational tool and how the dissemination of knowledge built collaboratively, marks a paradigm that shifts the educational paradigm, opening new challenges to face. Another remarkable target, was to build installed capacity regarding how to edit Wikipedia to continue enriching new articles based in trasandine culture.

Wikimedia Wikimedia Argentina and Wikimedia Chile was the issuance carried out an editing workshop, on Friday 2nd, October. The training was based on sensitize the audience within Wikimedia Projects. On other hand, on Saturday, October 3, an edith-a-ton about trasandine culture was held in the University from 9am to 13pm. More than 20 people from Mendoza, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile attended to the event. - Mariela Meljin - UNCuyo

Both activities were a great start to continue promoting the culture of collaborative work outside Buenos Aires. We sought to motivate and empower a working group with enthusiasm and initiative to continue producing activities and strengthen collaboration in the Wikimedia projects.

Giselle Bordoy, Comunication manager of Wikimedia Argentina
Marco Correa, President of Wikimedia Chile
Mariela Meljin, University of UNCuyo