Wikimedia Blog/Calendar/2012/07

July 2012

Tuesday, July 3
  • Blog: [Comms] Aleksander Murshteyn profile (Elaine/Matthew) posted
Thursday, July 5
  • Blog [Global] Profile: Rauan Kenzhekhanuly and WikiBilim (LiAnna) posted
  • Blog [Tech/Research] What Moodbar tells us about new registered users (Dario, Giovanni, reviewed by Tilman) posted
  • Blog: [Tech] Mobile API (Max/Phil, reviewed by Tilman) posted
Friday, July 6
  • Blog [Global] Wikipedia & Education – A Model from Malayalam Wikipedia (Shiju/Hisham, reviewed by Tilman) posted
  • Blog [E3]: Timestamp experiment (Steven et al., reviewed by Tilman) posted
ca. Friday, July 6
  • Blog [Tech] What the Engineering Community team is planning for the next year, & open positions (Sumana, reviewed by Guillaume)
Sunday, July 8
  • Blog [Global] Cairo Pilot Celebration Conference wrap-up (LiAnna) posted
Monday, July 9
  • Blog [Tech] Engineering Monthly Report (Sumana) posted
ca. Monday, July 9
  • Blog [Tech] What the MediaWiki core team is planning for the next year, & open positions (Tim Starling, reviewed by Guillaume)
Tuesday, July 10
  • Blog [Tech] Article Feedback Update: wider deployment to 10% of en-wiki this week (Fabrice, reviewed by Tilman)
  • Blog: [Global] Wikimedia Shop (James, reviewed by Matthew) posted
Thursday, July 12
  • Blog [Global]: Wikimedia UK announcement of a QRPedia project (guest post by Roger/Stevie, reviewed by Tilman) posted
Friday, July 13
Thursday, July 19
  • Blog [Global] Tag and Assess drive: Wikiproject India (Noopur, reviewed by Tilman) posted
Monday, July 23
ca. Wednesday, July 25
  • Blog: [Tech] Meet the Analytics Team (Diederik/Dave, reviewed by Tilman) posted
  • Blog [Global] Chronicling the Crafts – India’s First GLAM Initiative (Noopur, reviewed by Tilman) posted
Thursday, July 26
Monday, July 30
Tuesday, July 31
sometime in July
  • Blog [LCA] Licensing blog post (Michelle, reviewed by Matthew or Tilman)
  • Blog: [Global Dev] Spanish Chapter collaboration with ONCE (María Sefidari, reviewed by Tilman or Matthew)
sometime mid to late July
  • Blog [Tech] Mobile Performance Improvements (Patrick, reviewed by Guillaume)