Wikimedia Australia/Strategy details

Wikimedia Australia Strategy SurveyEdit

Discussions for Cycle 2 Stage to 12th June 2017: Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Cycle 2/Australian Community

Preliminary backgroundEdit

In 2017 Australian community was able to have two visits from WMF people.

The two visits had direct relationship with the Strategy process

Earlier parts of Strategy processEdit

Submissions had been made by members of the Australian community - but not necessarily identified as from the Australian community

Cycle 2Edit

Note the discussions and presentations in Melbourne in May were initial components of the larger process
  • May 2017 - Wikimedia Australia nominated a discussion coordinator for Cycle 2

Discussion coordinator
    • participant in the BiblioTECH project at State Library of Western Australia [1]
    • involved in the discussions in Australian cities
    • involved in online surveying
    • contact person for Australian community members wishing to respond via Australian community discussion

Cycle 2 - first stageEdit

  • May 2017 - in person discussions at BiblioTECH workspace, and email conversations

Cycle 2 - second stageEdit

  • June 2017 - in person discussions and meetups

    • Darwin
  • consultations and emails

    • Brisbane
  • consultations and emails

    • Sydney

    • Adelaide

    • Perth

  • June 2017 - email and phone discussions

Cycle 2 - third stageEdit

  • June - collating responses and information
  • June 12 Report of the cycle 2

Synergies and connections with Cycle 3Edit

  • Cycle 3 has been notified as being help between June 22 to July 11

Information and dataEdit

In-person discussions and email discussions tended to include a large amount of information

Meetup conversations were not recorded verbatim - however general summaries were kept

Information from the survey included material relevant to streams outside of the strategy cycle and of direct relevance to the Australian community and chapter - and the detail will be reported as such separately.

Discusssion coordinatorEdit

Please feel free to contact User:JarrahTree for any clarification of details or further information