Wikimedia Australia/Meeting 9/Summary

The meeting began at 21:05, and finished at 22:51 (GMT+11). Please see the Log for specifics.

Main discussion point was about modifications done to Wikimedia Australia/Draft Rules for Wikimedia Australia Inc.

  • 21:05 to 21:26 - On Appendix 5, "Statement of Aims":
The version used by Wikimedia Sweden is a good format. Modifications were discussed and implemented.
  • 21:25 to 21:41 - On Section 36:
This is straight from the Model Rules. Currently leaving as is.
  • 21:36 to 21:50 - On Appendix 5, "Statement of Aims":
Trying to define "freely licensed knowledge." Suggestions on a new wording was made but it was progressing slowly. Will be worked on after the meeting.
  • 21:46 to 22:37 - Suggestions by Alan Davidson.
Alan Davidson is a Law academic at the University of Queensland and is an expert on incorporation law. He is interested in the chapter.
No objections on 9.5, 10.9, 25.3, and 35.
  • 21:46 to 22:27 - On section 20.4:
No clear consensus or vote, but in the end we stuck with making all committee members be required to be over 18. (We can always modify the rules later if required)
  • 22:27 to 22:37 - On section 29.3:
Fine as is, since it's only for Committee meetings. For other types of meetings, ID may be requested, but it will not be stated in the rules.
  • 22:39 to 22:50 - Having an Interim Committee:
Have a couple people volunteer via the mailing list. Otherwise, discuss at the next meeting. This will save time. The Public Officer must be in Victoria.
  • Conclusion
All other discussion will take place on the mailing list over the next 4 days.