Wikimedia Australia/Meeting 6/Summary

Reasons for having a Wikimedia Australia edit

  • To build & increase the sense of community internally amongst Australian Wikimedians.
  • To have a press contact who represent us and our point of view when responding to media criticism and questions.
  • To help organise social wiki events.
  • To make a strong bid for hosting the Wikimania conference within Australia.
  • To raise the profile of the Wikipedia & other Wikimedia projects within the broader Australian community, and to encourage more Australians to contribute to those projects.
  • To engage & discuss with government about wikis and free content (e.g. encourage the use of wikis in schools).
  • To allow media accreditation for Wikinews reporters.
  • To share the goals of the Wikimedia Foundation and support it within Australia. Note however that we have no legal control of or responsibility for the websites of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Proposed legal structure edit

  • an incorporated association
  • Whatever legal structure is used there will be some expenses to maintain it.
  • Income would come from capacity to accept donations + some kind of annual fee from members.

Things that need to be done edit

  • We need to identify some pro-bono or very inexpensive lawyers who can help us.
  • We need those lawyers to:
    • confirm proposed structure makes sense
    • revise structure if required
    • and then enact that structure