Wikimedia Australia/Main page roles

Some roles an Australian Chapter can play edit

These are some roles for Wikimedia Australia. They have been mentioned on the main page for some time. This page is transcluded onto the main page.

  • Promotion: Promotion of Wikimedia projects and Free content in general. To encourage the use of Wikimedia resources in education (at primary, secondary and tertiary levels). To provide a first point of contact for media people seeking comment from Australian contributors to Wikimedia projects. Promote "contributing to a Wiki" as a positive activity.
  • Recruitment: To recruit non-technically minded people to contribute to Wikimedia projects. This may involve some education on the use of Mediawiki software.
  • Social: Organisation of conventions
  • Research: With a local chapter, research should be easier. The chapter can work together to gather information on a range of topics not currently covered.
  • Wikinews Accreditation: A local chapter could possibly oversee Wikinews accreditation in Australia... ? I have no idea what issues are involed here, just throwing it up as something to think about. - Borofkin 03:39, 20 February 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Partnerships: with companies in Australia wanting to work with Wikimedia content in some way. For example, Directmedia worked with the German chapter to produce the German DVD/Book release.
  • Possible Projects: Contribution of Australian history and culture to Wikimedia projects.