Wikimedia Australia/GLAM challenge

In the lead up to GLAM-WIKI (August 6-7), Wikimedia Australia is holding an editors' challenge (like a friendly competition) with the overall theme of "Australian GLAM". GLAM stands for "Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums".

This challenge is open to all editors across all the Wikimedia projects. The idea is to pick your own editing theme and submit it, along with the edits you make related to it. Prizes will be awarded for the most extensive, creative, impressive, novel, broad, deep, etc edits. Please contribute in line with the projects policies. Any plagiarism will disqualify your entry.

To take part, sign your username under #Entrants before the challenge dates open. Create a user subpage (e.g. Special:Mypage/GLAM challenge) and on that page, write the theme you are choosing. List any edits you make in relation to this challenge, on that page. e.g. if you only work on a single article, list that article, otherwise, list diffs. Only list edits made during the challenge dates. When the challenge closes, put a link to your subpage next to your name under #Entrants.

This challenge is being coordinated by User:Gnangarra.

Possible themes


These are just suggestions; feel free to think up your own theme.



You must not be an employee of an Australian cultural institution or hold an appointed position with Wikimedia Australia. This challenge is open to participants from around the world, not just Australia. You must have a Wikimedia username (and if you edit across projects it would be nice to have unified your login!). Only edits made under your username can be submitted.



User:Gnangarra, User:Cartman02au and someone from a GLAM institution (to be decided).


  • Intent to participate: must be declared before August 4th.
  • Challenge dates: 13 - 31st July inclusive. extended until August 5
  • Announcement of winners: By 10 August.



The following prizes have kindly been donated by the Australian War Memorial;

More to be announced!




Ask 'em at Talk:Wikimedia Australia/GLAM challenge.



Sign your name here if you intend to take part!



Thankyou to everyone for their efforts, congratulations to User:Yellowmonkey and User:the ed17 both from en.wikipedia have been recognised for their efforts.