Wikimedia Australia/Activities/Editors Challenge

An Editors Challenge is a friendly competition/contest for creating and improving Wikimedia content.

How it might work:

  • Challenge Topics are developed
  • A small group of people organise the selection and announcement of topics, and evaluate the submissions at the end
  • A Challenge runs for one week, and they are held once every four-to-eight weeks
  • Entrants should sign their intention before the start of the Challenge, and at the end, submit diffs/indicate which article(s) they worked on for the Challenge
  • Winner(s) are sent a small prize by WMAU (if they want!) (e.g.: t-shirt, book, voucher, sticker prize, free sock admin account)


In helping organiseEdit

  • ...

In participatingEdit

  • ...

Things to decideEdit

  • Who can participate? Anyone, only Australian editors, or only WMAU members?
  • How should submissions be evaluated? What factors should be considered most highly?

Possible topicsEdit

Add your suggestions here.

Australian politicsEdit

With politicians editing Wikipedia it's a good time to make sure our own house is in order by improving material on Australian politics! Looking for inspiration? Start at Wikipedia:WikiProject Australian politics. Your submission might be:

In all cases... remember to cite your sources!

Australian town/suburbEdit

"Best improvement to an Australian town/suburb article."

Brand new articleEdit

"Best brand new article developed within 2 weeks".


"Best improvement to documentation"