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Western Armenian Program Report

Article OverviewEdit

Western Armenian Wikipedia logo which is used in templates.

In the past months a large number articles were written in Western Armenian. Most of them were written by the students who participated in the Summer Wikicamp 2015 in Beirut and Armenia, small part of them were written by the students who participated in the Summer Wikicamp 2016 in Portugal and 2017 in France, and the rest by other editors and WikiWeek training participants.

All these new articles were reviewed, edited and wikified by experienced editors, including the teachers of above mentioned students.

Wikipedia Education program statsEdit

  • In January we had 8 students who created 12 articles, made 119 edits and contributed 194820 bytes to Western Armenian Wikipedia.
  • In February we had 6 students who created 5 articles, made 80 edits and contributed 77807 bytes to Western Armenian Wikipedia.
  • In March we had 5 students who created 4 articles, made 62 edits and contributed 107938 bytes to Western Armenian Wikipedia.
  • In April we had 9 students who created 12 articles, made 121 edits and contributed 248925 bytes to Western Armenian Wikipedia.
  • In May we had 6 students who created 9 articles, made 102 edits and contributed 248769 bytes to Western Armenian Wikipedia.
  • In June we had 5 students who created 1 articles, made 43 edits and contributed 64388 bytes to Western Armenian Wikipedia.

Western Armenian articles on the main page of Armenian WikipediaEdit

Such as done before, featured article was chosen at first per week, and then per month which was previously reviewed and corrected by Wikipedia Education program member teachers, and we put them on the main page of Armenian Wikipedia. We share these articles on social networks in order to make them available for more people.


As usual The WikiClubs activities are going on well in schools in Beirut and Istanbul National Central College, where the students study and edit Western Armenian articles during their spare time with the help of experienced Wikipedians.

Transfer of the WikiCup to the new winner who helped increase the rank of Armenian WikipediaEdit

Armenian is 1 of 280 languages Wikipedia offers its readers. In March 2017, Western Armenian editor, Ani Chalian received the WikiCup for publishing the 217 322th article. This milestone, increased Armenian Wikipedia’s rank from 38 to 37, putting Armenian Wikipedia ahead of Slovakia based on most articles published. Ani Chalian’s accomplishment has also increased the rank of Western Armenian articles published. There are now over 6 000 articles written in Western Armenian, available for the Armenian Wikipedia community.

ISO CodeEdit

Western Armenian Language ISO Code

Three years ago Wikimedia Armenia and the Gulbenkian Foundation are working to get separate ISO code to isolate and distinguish Western Armenian from Eastern Armenian. SIL International, the ISO 639-3 registrar decided on January 30, 2018 to provide a separate “hyw” language code for to Western Armenian.

At first completed the translation of the most important MediaWiki messages in translatewiki.

Western Armenian speaking experts’ TrainingEdit

Within the project of developing the Western Armenian Wikipedia, Wikimedia Armenia organized a 5 day long training for Western Armenian speaking experts in Tsaghkadzor, Armenia on June 25-30, 2018. A group of Armenian teachers, newspaper editors, and other interested individuals from Armenia and all over the Armenian Diaspora traveled to Armenia to attend the training in person.

A total of 18 participants from Armenia, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria, Turkey, and the United States took part in the WikiWeek.

The training covered all the essentials of editing and improving Wikipedia entries, with a special focus on developing and improving the Western-Armenian section of the online encyclopedia.

During the training all participants successfully acquired skills and competences for writing Wikipedia entries in Western Armenian. It is anticipated that in the coming months the participants will be actively involved in the development of the Western Armenian Wikipedia.

As a result of this training, the participants from Aleppo helped organize a Wiki Summer School for Armenian students in Aleppo. Moreover, the participant from Kuwait has already started implementing Wikipedia projects in the local Armenian school. By September 30, 2018 we expect to receive the action plans from WikiWeek participants highlighting wiki activities they are going to undertake in their communities.