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"Many small streams make one big river." read here our activities during the year 2015 (nov 2014 to nov 2015); That has necessity great efforts of all the small group of users.

Participation on ConferencesEdit

our members attended three conferences organized by WMF; this participation has brought us a better experience and more than conexion and Visibility

Wikiarabia 2015 02 avril 2015

Three members from wikidz have participated on the conference ;they presented three conference with a project that had the interest of the president of wikimedia "wikipedia for kids".

Wikimedia conférence 2015 15 mai 2015

another member of wikiDZ headed towards the Berlin conference wikimedia; This participation allowed us to bring more experience to evolve .the Group

Wikimania conférence 2015 17 july 2015

we have stand on The Community Village the zone for wikimedia affiliates this had for our usergroup an opportunity for show our work, talk, socialize, exchange ideas and distribute swag.


WikiDz have lunched tree contest to collect algerian open creative common photo; without presenting a complete statistics; We can affirm that have a benefic impact to have a fresh media for algerian content

Wiki Loves Earth Algeria 2015Edit

From 1 june to 15 july 2015

Images Images used in the wikis Uploaders Uploaders registered after 30 April 2015
2033 30 (1%) 329 308 (94%)

see link

Wiki Loves Monuments Algeria 2015Edit

From 1 September to 30 September 2015 341 photos Uploaded at this third participation ; in global between 2013 and 2015 the wiki loves monuments contest; give to wikipedia and other wikimedia projects 1046+718+341 = 2105 photos actually used in differents articles pages; See link

Wiki Loves Africa 2015Edit

From 1 October to 30 November 2015

more than 400 photo uploaded for the contest just 282 Photo restaint to the contest

Sorties & ExpeditionEdit

to prepare the contests, we organise an expedition to different historical monuments; it allow us collect photos by the participants. it's excellent opportunity to learn the wikimedia projects and the creative commons philosophy this year we have organised four 04 expedition in the east of algeria with our personal funds

Batna Expedition december,15 2014Edit

Wikimedia awards ceremony Wiki Loves Monuments decembre, 17 2014Edit

Wikimedia Algeria-Batna december, 27 2014Edit

Batna Expedition may, 15 2015Edit

Batna Expedition may, 20 2015Edit

Wiki kherja June, 6 2015Edit

in accordance with the great american wikinic; algerian wikipedia held a picnic,in june,5 2015 we where change the name to local dialect for better knowing. therefore the day was baptised WIKIkherja.

Online activityEdit

Popularization of Wikipedia and wikiprojects in Algeria over social networking websites and Medias Our activity is concentrated where there is more impact with less volunteers with our recognition by wikimedia foundation, we launched an internet campaign in several and social media; for positioning and make themselves known

On internetEdit

Our Website; we have created a website dedicated to our group financed by contributions from our group. this website contain all informations an discution around WikiDZ; the website can manage all our e-mail like

on Facebook we manage and admin 3 pages and 4 groups; with specefic activity to each page ou group by name

on Twitter

wikimedia Dz on twitter near one twitt by day

on google
    • Google Plus

we have page bu not active

    • Blogger

Blog abandonned

    • Tutorial video on Youtube

Video from Reda Kerbouche ; we have posted 5 video around wikipedia and mediawiki

    • Video from Wikiarabia we have 3 video concerning our participation at wikiarabia monastir

On PressEdit

Press interviews and conversations dedicated to Wikimedia Activity

WorkShops and PrésentationsEdit

Presentations on WikiArabia 2015Edit

at is the first annual meeting of participants from the Arab region that will be held in Monastir/Tunisia between the 3rd and the 5th of April 2015 we were 4 participants and we have did 3 presentations.

Visiting Wikimedia France 2 avril 2015Edit

During his trip on france one of our member went to visit the headquarters of Wikimedia France in Paris for a whole day; it was a great occasion of discover the offices of wikimedia France and how they work.

Worksohps Batna the 12 and the 14 mai 2015Edit

Worksohps Oran for Wiki Loves Africa 2015Edit

Formation Wikipedia 31 Octobre
Perfectionnement Wikipedia 07 Novembre
Comment téléverser vos photos sur wikipedia? 21 novembre
  • if you want to see the remaining pictures search this Category: Wiki Loves Africa 2015 Algeria Oran Campaign

Wikipedia Education programm in AlgeriaEdit

Link on OUTreach

with chlef university we are happy to start a program of education based on wikipedia

held at department of french institute on language chlef university

The program was started with effort of Mekkia Bennama, french language professor ,at chlef university

126 university students in the third year spread over five rows are studying the program

The program was started on october 1 until end march

The program was given by french language

ِ Collaboration With Other AffiliatesEdit

  • Help Morroco UG users for here affiliation processus, and for making contests of WLE 2015
  • Creation of upload Wizard campaign for Wiki loves earth 2015 for (Uruguay, Syria; Morocco; France; Palestine; Iraq; Lebanon; Jordan)
  • Creating group on facebook for coordination; between arabs users groups especially for differents contests like wiki loves.

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