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This list is not exhaustive, but we strongly encourage members of the group to put their names on the list. once registered notify one of the cell group members..

Executive membersEdit

Group MembersEdit

  • Users who have not been active in WM projects (or activity in user group) for more than 12 months will have their name moved to the old members page.
Num User name GUC Stalk toy User pages global user manager Obs Date
01 Mohammed BACHOUNDA (talk) Clic 8 janvier 2014
02 Ahmed HOUAMEL (talk) Clic 01 janvier 2017
03 Reda KERBOUCHE (talk) Clic 23 août 2014
04 Mekia BENNAMA (talk) Fenyan Clic Responsable du programme de l'éducation Wikipédia à l'Université de Mostaganem 31 août 2014
05 Faiza Souici (talk) Clic Clic Clic Clic meeting Algiers .
06 Walid Yassine (talk) Clic Clic Clic Clic conf Tlemcen + photos 16 mai 2015
07 Fayçal Rezkallah (talk) Clic Clic Clic Rezkallah Clic leader associative _ photopgrapher - Wikiloves - Commons
08 Nehaoua A. (talk) Clic Clic Clic Clic
09 Muhammed amine benloulou (talk) Clic Clic .
10 mouh2jijel (talk) Clic Designer & Photographer (For Algeria and France Projects)
11 Zinou2go (talk) Clic Clic Clic Clic WIKIKSOUR ALGERIA/ HEAD OF COMMUNICATI OF WIKITAMAZIGHT/ conf. Wikiarabia merrakech/ active en fb.
12 Oldstoneage (talk) Clic Projet wikipédia Jazayriya et dictionnaire Jazayriya 9 septembre 2014

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