Wikimania name discussion

See also: Wikimania:Name/Vote (2005) and the old Wikimania:Name page, and a [[Talk:Wikimania:Main_Page/Archive#More than a meetup|fragment]]

Thanks to domain and trademark difficulties, people are considering changing the name of the global Wikimedia conferences. "Wikimedia Conference" and "Wikimedia meetup" were early ideas last year, before "Wikimania" becaome a byword; if you have great name suggestions, please list them below (and comment on the ones listed).

"Wikimania" edit

A well-known name, with ~150k google hits. Used primarily to refer to Wikimania 2005. It has its difficulties: it is hard to get either the domain or the trademark. Some discussion may be appropriate here. (Note that variations on the domain name, such as Wikimania2006 or Wikimania-online, may be available)

  • --Sabine 07:06, 5 January 2006 (UTC) This is the name that makes the most sense since it is already known. Like I wrote on the discussion list: such an event should always have the same name - Wikimania 2005 was a success. Well: use Wikimania and make it unique using a subtitle or like proposed above "Wikimania 2006" etc. What is against using a subdomain?[reply]
  • --Mysekurity 05:38, 6 January 2006 (UTC). Seconded. What's wrong with using A little further elaboration would be greatly appreciated.[reply]
  • If anything, just make the official name "Wikimania present Wikimania 2006". However, I don't find Wikimania to be untrademarkable, but rather quite remarkable. -- user:zanimum

New suggestions edit

  • ManiaWiki
Not to be confused with the software platform.
  • The Conference Formerly Known as Wikimania
(which would require some kind of funky symbol as a logo)
  • Wikipalooza
Not Your Father's Wiki Conference
  • Wikinfinity
  • World Wide Wiki
  • Wikistock
ALREADY TAKEN, WIKISTOCK.COM - Stock and Finance information.
  • WikiInstitute
Connoting an extended multipurpose gathering...
  • WikiWeb
References as well to the World Wide Web as to a web of contacts you make (friends as well :) )
  • WikiWealth
References both to Wealth of information and Wealth of different Wiki's.

Non-trademarkable? edit

  • WikiExpo
  • Wiki Conference
  • Wiki Summit