Wikimania Handbook/The Ideal Team

Project managerEdit

  • Budget management
    • works with Comptroller who handles accounting (office)
  • Provide timeline and make sure it is respected
  • Human ressources management (define and enforce roles, who does what, who does not do what)
  • final cut

Volunteer coordinatorEdit

  • Plans for staffing needs; support for each other group
  • Identifies & screens staff & related timelines
  • Fills in any gaps


  • Regular scheduling reminders
  • Oversees mail/otrs answering
  • Tracks progres of all groups
  • Limited time/week, but extremely reliable
    (not to get drawn into other roles)

Program managerEdit

  • heads the program committee
  • Program timetable
  • Coordinates with communications on releases
  • Coordinates with Tech & Logistics on room/hall needs

Social liaisonEdit

  • Parties
  • Outings
  • Fun events, tourneys
  • Building an enthusiastic social team
  • Coordination with satellite parties & calendars

Speaker coordinatorEdit

  • Relationships with speakers
  • Coordinates with Program manager
  • Coordinates with Registration coordinator
  • Manages speakers sponsorships and special needs

Technical coordinatorEdit

  • Oversees & schedules sysadmin and programming work, coordinating:
    • Server setup, during the year and onsite
    • CfP software setup
    • Software for volunteer coordination / allocatoin
    • Calendaring software for showing/editing the program
    • Registration software (see Registration)
  • Define tech team needs with Logistics & Program coordinators

Registration coordinatorEdit

  • Development of the registration system (technical)
  • Managing registration questions/issues/problems, off and on-site.

Logistics coordinatorEdit

  • A/V - streaming
  • Catering
  • Accommodation
  • Venue allocation

On-site : Stage liaisonEdit

  • Make sure people are where they need to be
  • Double-check on props, materials, timing

Communications managerEdit

  • Community announcements
  • Website delegations & updates (see Designer)
  • Basic copy for press
  • Follow up on statistics during and after

Press liaisonEdit

  • Liaises with larger press group
  • Deals with press inquiries and assignments

Sponsors managerEdit

  • Find sponsors
  • Ensure communication with sponsors
  • Follow up during and after the event

Scholarships coordinatorEdit

  • Manages attendees scholarships
  • Works with applicants to manage expectations & schedules