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When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life;
for there is in London all that life can afford.
Samuel Johnson

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Bid Legacy - DRAFT


As is stated on the introduction page:

"Without volunteers, there is no movement. Increasing the participation and reach of the Wikimedia projects is a key priority for the community, but as yet Wikimania - our flagship event - has delivered poorly on this front. As an ambitious outreach effort, London 2014 plans to promote and programme a public track, workshop area and exhibition alongside the community conference, which could potentially inspire thousands of new volunteers, and through international media coverage raise awareness of the movement for millions more."

Wikimania London will be the largest outreach event ever run via the Wikimedia project, as such it is pivotal to the bid team that the additional interest in the project generated by Wikimania is leveraged to the long term benefit of WMUK, WMF and the free culture movement as a whole.

WMUK Legacy


Wikimania London is not just about London and not just about English Wikipedia. As a coordinated effort between the bid team and Wikimedia UK, Wikimania 2014 aims to increase engagement across England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland in a meaningful way especially in local gaelic languages. Some ideas that have been discussed are:

  • The 20th Commonwealth games will be held in Glasgow the week before Wikimania in London, we are currently exploring the possibility of partnering with the games committee to fund and to send Wikimedians to the event, to document its events first hand, and give a handful of volunteers a once in a lifetime experience. We are currently in contact and in the midst of discussion however at this point in time nothing has been confirmed.
  • Coming Soon

Chapters Legacy


Wikimania London intends to be a Global outreach event, with a reach far beyond London. As part of our legacy initiative we intend to recruit volunteers from all around the world who are passionate about the movement and are active within their local communities. These volunteers will be armed with precomposed media packs and a dedicated section on the Wikimania London website, their mission will be to engage press within their local countries to cover Wikimania in London and provide a clear call to action for anyone who may be inspired by the events of the conference. These may include volunteering with their local chapter, joining / organising events in their local community, or just simply how to edit Wikipedia. See our Project Management page to apply for these postions.

London Legacy


Like all major events, London 2014 aims to impact the local host community in a positive manner. Over the coming year we intend where possible to engage youth groups, students (particularity from under performing schools) and other groups. Some initial examples are as follows:

  • For the event we will be recruiting a substantial audio-visual team, all of which have significant experience in all elements of stage production. As part of this we will be offering internships for local stage schools, matching up students with industry professionals for a month of build up to the event to give students a taste of real working life on a major project. The time to do this is ideal, as the conference will be within the school holidays and is after the main UK festival season.
  • A significant part of the audio-visual infrastructure will be powered off the Raspberry Pi: for the event, we will be using approximately 100-150. Post conference, we intend to donate this to a yet undetermined charitable cause or educational institute.
  • More coming soon.

Wikimania Legacy

  • As it currently stands, each Wikimania team must start from scratch, not building on the work pioneered by previous years bid team. While to some extent this is currently being revised by the WMF, after Wikimania London takes place all legal templates (i.e. speakers contracts, clear corporate structure guidelines between the bid committee and local chapters, venue contracts etc.), branding collateral, sponsorship agreements / packs, media packs, team structuring etc will be released for future teams to use and build upon.
  • Wikimania London will be the first time in the history of the conference to include an outreach element, as such post conference a report will be released by the Wikimania London team outlining the feedback from the event, in particular the outreach element, analysing media reach, sponsor satisfaction and hopefully outlining increased interest in WMUK and WMF projects
  • As part of our Legacy initiative, we'll invite members of teams bidding to host Wikimania 2015 to lurk our mailing lists and once the location for Wikimania 2015 is confirmed, we'll invite members of that organising committee to work closely with us in the run up to the event.

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