Wikimania 2013 bids/Naples/Local Team/Notice


Some of the members of the Wikimania Naples 2013 Local Team asked the Bid Coordinator not to publicly disclose their real names, but only their Wiki nicknames, in order to maintain their anonimity in the framework of the Wikimedia projects. All of them also agreed to privately disclose their real names exclusively to Jury's members, if this would be necessary, under a "Jury's eyes only" condition.


  • Ferdinando Scala, Giovanni Marino, Francesco Avallone, Mario Russo and Stefano Schiazza are all Alumni of the Nunziatella Military School of Naples (est. 1787), the most ancient and prestigious military school in Italy and the third most ancient worldwide. This results in the existence of a strong brotherhood bond between them, similar to the one existing between the Alumni of other prestigious military formation institutes, like West Point, Saint-Cyr or Sandhurst. None of the abovementioned individuals is a military anymore, but School traditions cause the existence of an informal seniority-based respect relationship among the Alumni. Ferdinando Scala is the most senior in this particular group.

  • Ferdinando Scala is also Mentor of Francesco Avallone since 2006, in the framework of the Nunziatella Military School Mentoring Program. Following the secular cultural and ethic traditions of the School, the Program is aimed to provide the younger Cadets (Pupils) advice and guidance in their personal and professional development after the School. No economic or other relationship further to what explicited is existing between Ferdinando Scala and Francesco Avallone as a consequence of their status of Mentor and Pupil.

  • In addition to be both Alumni of Nunziatella, Ferdinando Scala and Stefano Schiazza are both originating of San Giorgio a Cremano, a town in the immediate outskirts of Naples.

  • Two of the confirmed speakers, Ugo Celestino and Col. Umberto Rapetto, are Alumni of the Nunziatella Military School, and share the same close bond as the others above. Ferdinando Scala and Ugo Celestino frequented Nunziatella in the same year and class, and are therefore close friends since 1984.

  • Ferdinando Scala is presently working for Publicis Healthware International as an International Digital Strategist, and this was pivotal in ensuring PHI's free support to the candidature. PHI's support is in the framework of its pro bono activities, and doesn't generate any implicit or explicit compensation whatsoever in favour of Ferdinando Scala.

  • David Orban's company, dotSUB, is presently working in collaboration with PHI to develop a global healthcare-focused videoportal ( and this caused him to meet Ferdinando Scala. The latter, however, was not involved in any way in the creation of the relationship between dotSUB and PHI, nor presently has any influence whatsoever on this relationship. In this respect, David and Ferdinando can be identified as colleagues working for partner companies, but no economic or other relationship further to what explicited is existing between them as a consequence of their status.

  • Frontiers of Interaction was met by Ferdinando Scala in the framework of his professional activity for PHI, when he participated in Frontiers of Interaction Meeting 2011 in Florence. One of the founding members of FoI, Leandro Agrò, is presently a colleague of Ferdinando Scala in PHI. Free support by FoI to Wikimania is a consequence of this relationship, and doesn't imply any implicit or explicit economic or other relationship whatsoever between FoI, PHI, Leandro Agrò and Ferdinando Scala.

  • Further to the abovementioned bonds, no other personal, professional or economic relationship is existing between the abovementioned individuals and companies.