Wikimania 2012/Budget

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Wikimania 2012 organizationEdit

  • Number of Participants:


  • "Could be calculated by difference from the 6.2 M$ for «(i) “Grants” [which] represents all funds to be distributed by the WMF including FDC, WGP , and IEG grants, and also funds to support the annual Wikimania conference including scholarship funding."[1] $450K says following page.

Attendees: About 1,400
Conference period: 6 days (2 hacking days, 3 days conference, 1 day unconference)
  • Conference catering: $133,829.30
  • Venue rental and equipment costs: $104,651.70
  • Special events (Library of Congress opening reception, Buffalo Billiards closing party, event photographer): $74,628.03
  • Staffing costs (conference planners, registration management, on-site logistical staff, graphic designer, sign language interpretors): $61,430.00
  • Conference video recording and editing: $56,390.00
  • Hotels and dorms (both those re-sold to attendees and those staying at the conference's expense): $55,395.65
  • Transportation (shuttle buses, transit cards): $26,812.00
  • Gift bags, t-shirts, and other merchandise: $10,490.78
  • Conference booklets and Wikibucks: $10,441.00
  • Speaker costs (transportation for keynote speaker, green room food and beverage): $6,133.94
  • Venue signage: $4,187.40
  • Volunteer costs (volunteer coordinator travel, volunteer per diem, volunteer sashes, duty phone): $3,415.88
  • Lanyards and name badges: $3,077.07
  • Transaction fees (PayPal and wire transfer fees): $1,709.48
  • Miscellaneous office expenses: $683.17
  • Capital expenditures (CLEAR modems for hostel, Mac adapters, credit card readers): $565.40
  • Total: $554,422.51

Disclaimer: These figures are meant to be illustrative and does not constitute an audited financial report from Wikimedia District of Columbia. For complete financial information, see Wikimedia DC's financial report from that year.



See Scholarships page for scholarships given by the chapters in this year.


WMF staff and officersEdit

Chapters delegationsEdit

Organization Board Members Staff Total Number Estimated spend (Local currency) USD
WMF 19 104 123 USD$263,498 $264,567
WMAU 2+1 carer 0 2 AUD$12,727 13,265
WMIL 1 0 1 $1,500
WMDE 8 14 22 TBC
WMIT 4 0 4 €5,208.07 6,741.48 (15/10/12 exchange rate)
WMUK 5 2 7 £9,572.97[1] 15,451.73 (18/10/12 exchange rate)
WMNL 5 [2]
WMAT 1 1 ~ EUR 1,500.-- ~ 1,935.--

The following chapters did not fund a chapter delegation: WMIN, WMHU.



  1. includes costs for one board member who travelled onwards to San Francisco, and visa costs for one non-UK national