Wikimania 2010/Bids/Oxford/Criteria


Criterion Covered by Strengths in our coverage Gaps and weakness in our coverage
Proximity to accommodation #Accommodation Plenty of accommodation near the venue. Need to either confirm accommodation or at least give an example.
Number and size of rooms available #Oxford Town Hall Plenty of rooms of various sizes available.
Whether Wikimania will be the sole user of the venue during the event #Oxford Town Hall During the conference all rooms in the Town Hall will be hired so no additional events will be occuring at the same time.
Venue owner's experience with handling conferences of this size #Oxford Town Hall The Town Hall regularly holds concerts and events filling its capacity; Wikimania will be a smaller event than some the Hall has hosted, as the capacity of the main hall has been recently reduced from in excess of 1000 to the present day 742.
Internet access within the venue #Oxford Town Hall Internet access will be available throughout.
Internet access within the accommodation No information Need to either confirm accommodation or at least give an example.
Internet access within the social areas #Main venue Internet access will be available throughout. Could be made clearer that this is the case.
Whether or not free internet access can be provided No information Need to clarify whether internet access will be free.
Whether or not the area is covered by wi-fi #Oxford Town Hall The area will be covered by wi-fi during the conference. Might be useful to give info on experience of team in setting up wi-fi.
Provision of laptop rental (and cost of this) #Oxford Town Hall Local suppliers available, from £8/day
Whether a space for socialising is available #Main venue Two spaces for socialising will be available.
Whether socialising space is open 24 hours a day #Main venue Unlikely, proposed opening hours need to be given. Perhaps a space at the accommodation could be found.
Proximity of socialising space to venue and accommodation #Main venue Socialising space is at the main venue, and accommodation will be nearby.
Socialising facilities available (food, drinks, internet access) #Main venue Internet access available. Food and drinks available from cafe. Not clear whether exclusive use of cafe is possible. Cafe closes at 16:30.
Accommodation suitability and affordability No information Need to either confirm accommodation or at least give an example.
Variety of types of accommodation available No information Need to either confirm accommodation or at least give an example.
Accommodation availability for the event as well as any pre- or post- conference meetings planned No information Need to either confirm accommodation or at least give an example.
Proximity to an international airport #Airports Several international airports nearby with good transport links.
Facilities nearby (restaurants, tourist sites for outings, etc) #About Oxford Very strong - major tourist city with many facilities.
Whether local laws, cultures, values etc are likely to provide any benefits or problems for attendees #Customs and attitudes Multicultural city. Unlikely to present problems.
Whether local laws, cultures, values etc are in keeping with the values of the Wikimedia Foundation #Customs and attitudes There should be no conflicts between Wikimedia values and local cultures and laws, freedom of expression and a right to education are strongly protected in UK law.
Safety and potential catastrophes #Climate and Hazards, #Safety and Security Generally a safe city, no likely catastrophes.
Any issues with attending this location from any other location #Visa issues No likely issues, other than citizens of some countries needing visas.
Difficulty and cost of travel and visas #Travel Easy access from many international locations, nationals of many countries do not need a visa. Overland travel from Europe can be cheap.
Possibility of local help with getting visas #Visa issues This is a possibility. Could give some more details on what is possible.
Whether the location is too close to Wikimania location in the preceding 1-2 years Strengths Wikimania hasn't been held anywhere nearby in several years.
Cost/ease of attendance #Travel Easily accessible from almost any location. Need to give example costs.
Local volunteers willing to take a lead role in organizing the event Team, Organization Various people are involved. Need to clarify who will be working on the event post-bid.
Skills of organisers (technical, PR, financial, English language ability, etc.) No information. Organisers have these skills. Need information.
Organisers' experience with similar ventures No information. Need information.
Involvement of local Wikimedia chapter in place #Local chapter Wikimedia chapter is involved and supportive.
Organizational support from local governments, universities, venues, and NGOs #Main venue, #Sponsorship Interest building.
Prior and expected media/PR interest, both locally and internationally #Media Some coverage already plus relationship between Wikimedia UK and the BBC.
Cost of accomodation, food, net access after hours, phone service, etc #Cost of living Costs not excessive. Need to give examples for accommodation, net access, phone service.
Amount of local sponsorship available #Sponsorship Some sponsors confirmed. Details still under negotiation.
Costs of travel to the location from various countries, particularly those with high numbers of Wikimedians. #Travel costs Costs compare well with other international destinations. Need costs from some more destinations.
Options available for travel (alternatives to flying) #International Coaches, #Ferry ports, #Channel Tunnel Large number of options listed, generally low fares.
Cost of lodging stay for attendees No information Need to either confirm accommodation or at least give an example.
Cost of travel within city #Local transportation Unlikely to be needed. Some details given.