Wikimania 2008/Postmortem Survey

Thank you for filling out this survey. Please write as much as you want: we promise to read it all :-)




  • I have been active in the Wikimedia projects for more than three years, and/or on average I spend an hour a day or more working on them.
  • I am active or have been active in the projects in the past. Now I spend most of my time on organisational matters (chapters, real-life activities, etc.)
  • I have been active in the projects for less than one year, and/or I spend less than an hour per week working on them.
  • I am moderately active/experienced.
  • I am an observer or supporter.

YOUR LOCATION [check one]

  • I live in Egypt
  • I do not live in Egypt

YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO WIKIMEDIA [check as many as apply]

  • Contributor (time)
  • Contributor (money)
  • Supporter of Wikimedia
  • Colleague (partner or business relationship)
  • Supporter of free culture / open source
  • Supporter of the right to knowledge
  • Researcher or academic
  • Observer / onlooker

YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO WIKIMANIA [check as many as apply]

  • Attendee (first Wikimania)
  • Attendee (not my first Wikimania)
  • Organizer/Planner
  • Speaker/Presenter
  • Local volunteer
  • Staff of the Wikimedia Foundation
  • Staff of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
  • I helped organize/plan, but did not actually attend the conference



Please rate the following, on a scale of one to four. (With one being very poor, and four being very good.) Yes

  • Communications before the conference (website, registration process, availability of information in general)
  • Conference-supplied transportation (airport shuttle)
  • Non-conference-supplied transportation (overall cost, convenience)
  • Lodging (comfort, cleanliness, overall convenience)
  • Conference venue
  • Conference program overall (did it meet your expectations/needs)
  • Quality of the keynote talks
  • Quality of the workshops/presentations
  • Quality of the lightning talks and poster sessions
  • Communications during the conference (schedule changes, etc.)
  • Food and drink during the conference (availability, quality, convenience)
  • Support for impromptu socializing during the conference (availability of gathering spaces, comfort, convenience, hours)
  • Organized social activities during the conference (parties and other organized gatherings)
  • Communications after the conference

On the same 1-4 scale, please give an overall rating for Wikimania 2008: Yes 1 2 3 4

Please select the statement that most closely matches your view Yes

  • I feel like Wikimania 2008 was designed for people like me.
  • I feel like Wikimania 2008 was probably not designed for people like me, but I found it useful/enjoyable anyway.
  • I feel like Wikimania 2008 was probably not a very good use of my time.

Please select the statement that most closely matches your situation Yes

  • I am part of the core Wikimedia community: I attended Wikimania 2008 in order to stay connected to the projects
  • I am fairly new to Wikimedia: I attended Wikimania 2008 to learn more about the projects
  • I am mostly a Wikimedia observer or supporter: I attended Wikimania 2008 mainly for professional/research/academic reasons

Please answer True or False to the following questions, whichever more closely matches your view. Yes

  • I believe the workshop sessions at Wikimania should be longer so that topics can be explored in greater depth.
  • The schedule at Wikimania is too densely packed: I wish there was more time set aside for casual socializing.
  • I believe Wikimania too often takes place in "exotic" locations: it should focus more on cheapness and accessibility.
  • Wikimania should be four days long instead of three.
  • This year the party was on the last night. Please move it earlier, next time.
  • I am comfortable with Wikimania being a little loose and casual: I do not want it to be more like an ordinary professionally-organized conference.
  • I would like to see longer and more detailed descriptions of the sessions in the schedule.
  • Wikimania should focus on the core Wikimedia community: outreach should not be one of its core goals.

If there was one thing you could change about Wikimania 2008, what would it be? Yes

If there was one piece of advice you could give specifically to the organizers of Wikimania 2009, what would it be? Yes

If there was one thing you would like to see changed about Wikimania in general, what would it be? Yes

If there was one workshop you would like to attend at Wikimania 2009, what would its topic be? Yes

If there was one person you would like to see speak at Wikimania 2009, who is it? Yes

If you could give the people who design and plan Wikimania in general one piece of advice, what would it be? Yes [write as much as you want]

Why did you attend Wikimania 2008? (elaborate as much as you want)

  • I wanted to meet up with other Wikimedians (social)
  • I wanted to learn something about Wikimedia/Wikipedia
  • I wanted to share my experiences/knowledge with others
  • Scientific/academic/professional/research purposes

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Thank you. We appreciate your help.

Disclaimer: This quick little survey will not necessarily yield statistically useful results. The results of this survey, probably including a sampling of the write-in comments, will be released to the Wikimedia community. We will be careful to not publish any comments that might be personally identifying: if you definitely don't want your comments published anywhere, please just say so.



If you were a speaker, please go on and click here.




  • Is this your first time being a speaker at any conference? [y/n]
  • Is this your first time being a speaker for Wikimania? [y/n]



How did you hear about Wikimania's call for paper? [FT]

Please rate the following on a scale of 1 to 4 (very adequate to not at all adequate):

  • Visibility of the call for papers
  • Submission dates
  • The web-site for making your submission
  • Any communications you had with the conference organisers
  • Registration process as a speaker

What, if anything, could be done to improve your experience registering as a speaker at Wikimania? [FT]



How satisfied were you with the facilities in the room in which you gave your talk? [4 - very happy/happy/unhappy/very unhappy]

Please rate your satisfaction with the following on a scale of 1 to 4 (very happy to very unhappy): [4+NA]

  • The speaking facilities in the room in which you gave your session
  • The session moderator
  • The support staff (technical, other)
  • Response to any special requests (materials/technology/etc.), if appropriate

How well did the room you gave your session in fit you? [3 - too large/just right/too small]

What problems, if any, did you experience with the facilities or multimedia during your session? [FT]+NA



Did the your expectation of Wikimania from the Call For Papers match reality? [Y/N]

How did you feel your session fit in the overall program (content wise)? Perfect match/OK/Terrible

Would you consider presenting again at this conference? [Y/N]

What, if anything, could be done to improve your experience as a speaker at this conference? [FT]