Wikimania 2008/Bids/Atlanta/Wikiworkshop

The Wikimania conference draws many people who are new to the idea of wikis. The Wikiworkshop is a preconference workshop designed for new and future wiki users to show what a wiki is, how it works, and to clear up several common misconceptions about Wikipedia, the Wikimedia Foundation and wikis in general. It will be held as a half day workshop. Attendees will also have the option of staying for a slightly more advanced/practical workshop covering topics such as how to use Commons, templates, and slightly more advanced wiki syntax


  • An introduction to what a Wiki is, and a brief history of wikis.
  • Wikimedia vs MediaWiki vs Wikipedia.
  • Outline of other wikis both Wikimedia projects and the other major wikis, possibly with 5 min lighting talks from users of those projects.
  • A short tutorial on how to edit and an introduction to basic wikisyntax.
  • How to upload and use images in MediaWiki