Wikimania 2008/Bids/Atlanta/Southeast team

Please add your name to the list if you can help in any capacity. If you have limitations, please explain them and how you would like to help in spite of your limitations. You can help in person (we probably need more volunteers in this area) or online doing technical or website-related things if we are picked. Now don't delay; sign below!

In addition to showing your support by volunteering, let everyone know you support the bid by placing this image on your user page!

Currently there are 61 volunteers willing to help with the bid, the vast majority of them able to travel to Atlanta to help staff the conference. The breakdown by area is as follows:

  • In the Metro Atlanta area: 36
  • Outside of Metro Atlanta (in Georgia, the Carolinas, Alabama, Tennessee and the rest of the South): 21
  • Willing to help online as needed: 4
  • Disavian - I attend Georgia Tech, and head WikiProject Georgia Tech on en-wiki. I will use my contacts within the project and the institute to organize and promote the event. I will be available to prepare and run the event.
  • Andicat (Andrea Forte) - I live in Atlanta and helped out in Cambridge in '06 (program committee and random support) -- happy to lend a hand.
  • Scott Ehardt - I attend Georgia Tech and will be happy to help during the event and the summer leading up to it.
  • Niayre - I recently graduated from Georgia Tech and will be around Atlanta for the foreseeable future. I have a useful amount of experience organizing large (over 800 people) multi-day events for Georgia Tech.
  • LaMenta3 - I attend Georgia Tech and am working closely with Mike and Disavian in this effort. I am available to help prepare and run the event.
  • Daniel Mayer (mav) I work a few blocks from the Georgia Tech conference center and will be available for any planning meetings. I’d also like to help organize and run field excursions in the Atlanta area for conference attendees with the aim of both informing and entertaining our guests.
  • MaxVeers - I attend Georgia Tech and live in Midtown Atlanta. I also attended Wikimania '06. I'd be glad to help.
  • AUTiger - I live in Midtown, Atlanta just a couple of blocks from the GT conference center and have non-profit and event experience; interested in helping out.
  • Connor C. I attend Woodward Academy, and live in Peachtree City, Georgia. I will be glad to help with the planning, but I might have some schedule conflicts during the actual event.
  • KickTheDonkey - I live in Acworth and work in Downtown Atlanta. I'd love to help out. See you guys on the IRC.
  • Gujamin - Work and live in town and alumni of Georgia Tech. also manage my own wiki for iPhone development at
  • jolomo - I live in L5P and would love to help out.
  • Matt Britt - GATech research assistant and student. I have contacts all over ECE and OIT that would probably prove to be useful. I'll be around for the projected time frame and my office is in Bunger-Henry (mere footsteps away from the student center), so I can help significantly. I posted some of my suggestions and avenues that I can help with here. I don't really edit Wikipedia any more, but my years of involvement and nostalgia make me apt to help out.
  • Miller17CU94 - I live in Covington and can deal with publicity issues over the Internet along with items on talk radio in the local area (WGST and WSB - AM). I can be able to assist as well in the counties in East Metro Atlanta area.
  • Martin4647 - I live in Atlanta and I do Wikipedia projects on Atlanta roads (e.g. East Ponce de Leon Avenue), the major intersections, and the information.
  • Samatva - Live in East Atlanta - would be willing to help staff the event.
  • Catwhoorg - Live in Kennesaw - would be able to help in the run up, but will be attending a family wedding during the actual event.
  • Tom - Live in Midtown and would love to lend a hand to Wikipedia.
  • BAxelrod - Live in Atlanta. GT Alum. I helped organize RoboCup 2007 which was a huge event at GT this summer. I can provide contact info for some of the other organizers.
  • Thejerm - Live in Kennesaw - can help staff the event.
  • Plange - Admin - live in Atlanta and can help with whatever's needed but can't commit to large amounts of time as that's election season :-)
  • Geeoff - I'm finishing up a Masters in International Affairs in May, but should be around at least through the summer. I'd love to help and have some experience with large event planning (granted, of the political campaign type), and have some government contacts that may be able to help with visa problems and the likes.
  • SkippyJen - I just graduated from Tech with a BS in Architecture, and I should be around to help. :) (I can personally vouch that this is my friend Jennifer Allen, who was also aware of this bid via facebook. Mike Halterman 07:19, 27 September 2007 (UTC))[reply]
  • Tracey Burnett: I am in the Atlanta metro area and have a flexible job, so I can help in person! (I can personally vouch that this person is Tracey Burnett; you can see her post on the facebook group in which she says she is interested in helping. Mike Halterman 06:22, 27 September 2007 (UTC))[reply]
  • Arasb GT grad student, happy to help.
  • Ta'Ron Joyner- I live near Tech and I am available those dates.
  • tantoi12 - I attend Georgia State University and I work full time in a distribution company in Midtown. Thanks for the invitation and I would be happy to help as well.
  • Mineralè - Currently a student, would be happy to help.
  • Hanjie I'm an undergraduate at Georgia Tech, It would a privilege to volunteer for this event.
  • wilhelmclimb I am an undergraduate at Georgia Tech and would love to volunteer.
  • pykerl Graduate student @ GT, who will be able to volunteer.
  • Rebecca Firth: I live in the Roswell area. I'd be glad to help in any way I can, although I cant honestly say what my schedule will be at that time.
  • brianmathews I am the computer science librarian at Georgia Tech and would like to be actively involved.
  • gtg442x: I'm a current GT student willing to help. :)

Outside Atlanta but willing to travel for preparations (21)

  • Mike Halterman - I can help sporadically because I don't live in Atlanta, but get up there fairly regularly (once every other month). I will be available for preparations closer to the time period of the event.
  • JodyB - I can help with advance work although I do not live in Atlanta. I can travel to Atlanta if needed for preparation.
  • Craig Spurrier - I am a few hours away, but can travel to Atlanta if needed for preparation.
  • EVula - I live in Nashville and could travel to Atlanta to help with setup.
  • Swatjester - I have stayed at Georgia Tech many times, and have a place to stay there for free while helping set up. Am familiar with Atlanta, things to do in midtown (where Tech is), and it is not that inconvenient of a trip for me.
  • Dorothy Kernaghan-Baez - I live in Augusta and am willing to help in any way that I can.
  • Maniwar - I may be able to help in some capacities. I live part time in and out of Atlanta. Let me know how I may be of service.
  • Alarob - Former Atlanta resident now dividing time between Birmingham and Auburn, Alabama.
  • Thunderhead - I may be able to help. I've already begun working on a bit of the bureaucracy of Wikimania 2008: Atlanta, contact me on IRC for details.
  • Delirium - I'm a GaTech student, but spend most of my time in California due to my advisor moving. Nonetheless I'm in Atlanta periodically and can travel there if needed.
  • Keegan I'm within 115 miles either way you cut it, I have organizational conference support experience under my belt. Willing to travel.
  • Huntster - I live near Nashville (MTSU in Murfreesboro), so while I cannot make promises, I'll certainly do what I can.
  • Alex - I live in Statesboro, Ga. and I will do what I can to help bring Wikimania to the great state of Georgia
  • Raul654 - I live up in Delaware, so there's not much I can do travel-wise until the conference itself. I have a lot on my plate, both on-wiki and in real life, so I cannot put in a huge amount of time. However, I'd be happy to help out in whatever ways I can.
  • Gmaxwell - Travel to Atlanta is no big deal.
  • Junebug52 - I live in Charlotte, NC and can help via the computer or phone with any prep work that needs to be done. If need be, I could travel to Atlanta in extreme need.
  • Realkyhick - I'm in Birmingham. My assistance would depend on the event schedule.
  • Smashville - I'm in Nashville...I'll do what I can.
  • FloNight Can travel to help as needed. I live in Kentucky but have a son that lives about an hour outside of Atlanta.
  • Cyde Weys — My plans aren't set for Wikimania, but I'm relatively close, and if it is held in Atlanta and I do attend, I'd like to help out.
  • PuerExMachina - Former Atlantan, now in Athens. I'm monitoring the google and facebook groups to see how I can help.

Outside Atlanta but willing to help online as needed (4)

  • SirFozzie A bit far to travel (MA), but willing to help out online with stuff as needed.
  • Kylu Assisting Mike and the crew as required.
  • Cbrown1023 talk Whatever needed (as of now, it's too far for me to travel (PA) locally).
  • Miranda Assisting online.