Wikimania 2008/Bids/Atlanta/Airfares

Estimations assume a round trip, advance ticketing, and a stay over the weekend. Prices are projections for Summer 2008 on Travelocity and are likely to fluctuate. Flights are to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Prices include all taxes and fees.
The estimates given are likely not to be as high as is given (estimates for 12 months out are not horribly reliable), and cheaper fares may be found through other carriers and websites. Looking for your own fare is encouraged.
From Costs (in US$)
United States
Icons-flag-us.png Anchorage $680 (Alaska Airlines or Delta)
Icons-flag-us.png Boston $235 (Midwest Airlines)
Icons-flag-us.png Chicago $221 (US Airways)
Icons-flag-us.png Cincinnati $344 (US Airways)
Icons-flag-us.png Dallas $261 (Delta or American)
Icons-flag-us.png Denver $321 (US Airways)
Icons-flag-us.png Detroit $256 (Delta or Northwest)
Icons-flag-us.png Honolulu $708 (Northwest Airlines)
Icons-flag-us.png Houston $287 (Delta)
Icons-flag-us.png Las Vegas $298 (US Airways or Frontier)
Icons-flag-us.png Los Angeles $369 (AWA)
Icons-flag-us.png Miami $303 (US Airways)
Icons-flag-us.png Minneapolis $255 (Delta or Northwest)
Icons-flag-us.png New York $182 (Midwest Airlines)
Icons-flag-us.png Philadelphia $329 (Delta, US Airways or United)
Icons-flag-us.png Phoenix $339 (Frontier Airlines)
Icons-flag-us.png St. Louis $234 (Delta)
Icons-flag-us.png Salt Lake City $361 (Frontier Airlines)
Icons-flag-us.png San Francisco $338 (Frontier Airlines)
Icons-flag-us.png Seattle $293 (US Airways/Frontier)
Icons-flag-us.png Washington D.C. $242 (Midwest Airlines)
Icons-flag-ca.png Calgary $556 (Continental)
Icons-flag-ca.png Edmonton $658 (Alaska Airlines/US Airways)
Icons-flag-ca.png Montréal $585 (US Airways)
Icons-flag-ca.png Québec City $716 (Continental, Delta or Northwest)
Icons-flag-ca.png Toronto $551 (US Airways/Delta)
Icons-flag-ca.png Vancouver $547 (Frontier Airlines)
Icons-flag-ca.png Winnipeg $600 (Air Canada)
From Costs (in US$)
Latin America
Icons-flag-ar.png Buenos Aires $1,096 (American Airlines)
Icons-flag-pe.png Lima $871 (American Airlines)
Icons-flag-ve.png Maracaibo $848 (American Airlines)
Icons-flag-mx.png Mexico City $518 (US Airways)
Icons-flag-ec.png Quito $909 (American Airlines)
Icons-flag-br.png Rio de Janeiro $1,286 (American Airlines/Delta)
Icons-flag-cl.png Santiago $1,332 (American Airlines)
Icons-flag-br.png São Paulo $1,187 (Air Canada)
Icons-flag-nl.png Amsterdam $580 (Alitalia)
Icons-flag-gr.png Athens $1,140 (Lufthansa/United)
Flag of Serbia.svg Belgrade $1,019 (Lufthansa/United)
Icons-flag-de.png Berlin $712 (Lufthansa)
Icons-flag-be.png Brussels $1,004 (Lufthansa/United)
Icons-flag-dk.png Copenhagen $1,109 (KLM)
Icons-flag-ie.png Dublin $1,069 (United)
Icons-flag-de.png Frankfurt $644 (US Airways)
Icons-flag-fi.png Helsinki $1,188 (Finnair OYJ/Delta)
Icons-flag-tr.png Istanbul $942 (Alitalia)
Icons-flag-ua.png Kiev $1,087 (Air France)
Icons-flag-pt.png Lisbon $1,164 (US Airways)
Icons-flag-uk.png London $839 (Northwest Airlines)
Icons-flag-fr.png Lyon $1,060 (Iberia)
Icons-flag-es.png Madrid $966 (Swiss Int'l Airlines/United)
Icons-flag-uk.png Manchester $1,211 (Continental)
Icons-flag-it.png Milan $1,178 (Lufthansa or United)
Icons-flag-ru.png Moscow $937 (Lufthansa)
Icons-flag-no.png Oslo $1,298 (SAS/Delta)
Icons-flag-fr.png Paris $739 (US Airways)
Icons-flag-cz.png Prague $979 (Austrian Airlines/Delta)
Icons-flag-it.png Rome $797 (United)
Icons-flag-se.png Stockholm $969 (US Airways)
Icons-flag-at.png Vienna $883 (Czech Airlines)
Icons-flag-pl.png Warsaw $660 (Lot Polish Airlines/Lufthansa)
Icons-flag-ch.png Zürich $1,273 (Alitalia)
From Costs (in US$)
Icons-flag-jo.png Amman $1,359 (Lufthansa/United)
Icons-flag-th.png Bangkok $1,707 (Delta)
Icons-flag-cn.png Beijing $1,276 (Air Canada)
Icons-flag-in.png Calcutta $1,621 (Jet Airlines/American)
Icons-flag-in.png Delhi $1,221 (Continental)
Icons-flag-ae.png Dubai $1,365 (Lufthansa/United)
Icons-flag-vn.png Ho Chi Minh City $1,672 (United)
Icons-flag-hk.png Hong Kong $1,340 (Continental)
Icons-flag-pk.png Karachi $1,629 (Emirates Airlines/KLM)
Icons-flag-my.png Kuala Lumpur $1,826 (Korean Air/Delta)
Icons-flag-kw.png Kuwait City $1,501 (United)
Icons-flag-ph.png Manila $1,457 (Continental)
Icons-flag-in.png Mumbai $1,355 (Delta)
Icons-flag-jp.png Osaka $1,192 (United)
Icons-flag-kr.png Seoul $1,333 (United)
Icons-flag-cn.png Shanghai $1,670 (American)
Icons-flag-sg.png Singapore $1,309 (United)
Icons-flag-tw.png Taipei $1,618 (Delta)
Icons-flag-il.png Tel Aviv $1,299 (Alitalia)
Icons-flag-jp.png Tokyo $960 (Northwest)
Icons-flag-nz.png Auckland $1,776 (Qantas/Delta)
Icons-flag-au.png Melbourne $2,558 (Air New Zealand/Delta)
Icons-flag-au.png Perth $2,876 (Air New Zealand/Delta)
Icons-flag-au.png Sydney $2,197 (Qantas/Delta)
Icons-flag-nz.png Wellington $1,967 (Air New Zealand/Delta)
Icons-flag-eg.png Cairo $1,110 (Northwest)
Icons-flag-za.png Cape Town $1,607 (South African Airways/United)
Icons-flag-ma.png Casablanca $1,526 (Delta)
Icons-flag-za.png Johannesburg $1,339 (Northwest)
Icons-flag-ng.png Lagos $1,679 (Delta)
Icons-flag-ke.png Nairobi $2,132 (South African Airways/United)
Icons-flag-tn.png Tunis $1,733 (Delta/Air France)