Wikimania 2006/Program discussion

This is a place for potential presenters and submitters to discuss possible or proposed submissions for Wikimania 2006; especially Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) submissions, workshops/panels, community discussions and anything else that needs to be coordinated among several presenters. This is also a place to propose informal discussions or community events that have a restricted audience and don't need to go on the main program schedule.

See also Wikimania 2006/Program ideas.

Community related submissions edit

  • ArbCom overview
  • OTRS discussion

Workshops edit

  • research workshop
  • wiki development workshop

Panels edit

Proposed panel topics edit

List potential panels, by topic. Include: a) possible panelists, b) potential moderators. If you have contacted any of them, note this (with your name, and their response if any).

  • wiki infrastructure
  • trust and reliability (on the FK shortlist)

Panel presenters (for multiple panels) edit

List interests / subjects by the speaker... For speakers with a number of interests who you want to present on one of them.

Wikis in education edit

  • minitrack
I think this is a great idea. There is a lot of interest judging by the kinds of submissions that are coming in--what better way to organize a wiki conference than around what people contribute. :-) I'll definitely put in some cycles on it. Andicat

presentations edit

wikis as knowledge repositories (Jkbaum knows of someone who can speak on this)
wikis as planning tools (Jkbaum knows of someone who might be willing to speak on this)